I think I could be pregnant with baby number 3! But little one in only just turned one. And we were not planing to have any more. I need to kick up the corage to tell my hubby. Any ideas?


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thanks, it was an accedent as i am on the pill. I had such a tough 2nd pregnacy and she was very premature. So I am just very scared of the what if's. And am going to try and tell him toniight. I never got tied then when she was born by emergancy c section . But I I think that is a defenet thing this time. I am still on Antideppresants. So I think I need to go to Doctors or midife asap. Fingers crossed.

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Every child is a blessing. Be thankful that you can have another one. Wether it was planned or not, This little one is part of you and your husband.. If he was happy with the other 2 , he should feel the same about this one..If he asks how it happen...say..I don't know...I guess you didn't wear protection.. But, anyhow, this is another addition to make more laughs and someone else to love .. Fix dinner and put a highchair at the table with a bear in it and maybe he will get what you are saying, or plain out say...guess what honey..we're having a baby and I think we're having twins...

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Just present it to him as it is, a wondrous baby growing inside of you, a part of the two of you, the sibling to your children. He loves you, he will be happy. Maybe just get your tubes tied this time or ask him to have a vasectomy if you really don't want more children in the future.

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