I think i want to have another baby but......

Leslie - posted on 01/23/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband and I have been married for almost a year, we have been together for two. Here lately I have been throwing up some hints about possibly having another baby. You see we both have children from previous marriages. He has 4 and I have 3. So yea our house is pretty full. So I have to decide If adding another mouth to feed is something we can do financially. Because we are trying to save for a bigger home, with or with out a new baby. Another determining factor would be our age differences, he is 41 and I am 29. And there is one more problem, my tubes are tied. So if we do make the ultimate decision to have another child it would have to be invitro. Which can be quite costly. Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation have any advice or suggestions for me. Thanks Ladies!!!


Raye - posted on 01/23/2015




Why are your tubes tied at 29 years old? Okay, you had 3 kids, and maybe thought you didn't want more, but most GYN's will try to talk you out of it, since you're so young. Or was there a medical reason for it? If so, are you physically able to conceive, or would it be high-risk?

You are entitled to have a change of heart, but... sounds like you already know all the difficulty you will face. It's a hard decision, and only you know your situation well enough to know if your marriage, health, sanity, etc. can survive another child.

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Oh wow that interesting i never experience this before but i can tell you if you and him agree completely than you can always try surrogate. So that way you don't have to get your tubes untied.


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