I think kids should be able to spend the night at their friend houses on school nights.

Sparkle - posted on 02/03/2015 ( 6 moms have responded )




When your kids are in college they will have to stay with their room mate. Even though they will have school the next day. When your kids ask to have a sleep over on a school night say yes because it's a good lesson to learn at an early age.


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/04/2015




Oh, good lord...it must be a snow day! Oh, sparkly sparkle...LMAO...How presumptuous of you to jump onto a site for mothers to tell us how much you don't appreciate your mother's parental authority.

Get a grip child, and find something productive to do.

Michelle - posted on 02/04/2015




Gosh I love when the kids are bored.
Just because your Mum told you no, doesn't mean that you are right and should tell other Mothers how to bring up their kids.

Jodi - posted on 02/03/2015




LMAO!! You are comparing adults with children. Seriously?

You are a school age kid aren't you? I can tell.

"I think kids should be able to spend the night at their friend houses on school nights."......said no parent ever (except the ones who are crappy parents and let their kids do anything and whose kids are total assholes in school).

Dove - posted on 02/03/2015




Yeah... because a college student and a school aged child living at home are the exact same thing... lol NOT. In college they are adults and free to make their own decisions. In my home... kids do not do sleepovers on school nights. Period.

Let me guess... you are a child and your mommy told you no sleepover on a school night, so now you thought you'd join a mom's site and share your little 'wisdom'...?

Raye - posted on 02/03/2015




It might be okay if their friend lived only a few blocks away. But many times there is really not much point to having sleep-overs during the week. The logistics of: getting their homework done, making sure they have clothes and their school things for the next day, deciding who's house they're going to eat at, driving them to the friend's house, etc. just for them to have to actually sleep because there is not any time left to play... it's a lot of work for little reward. And what if the kids don't go to the same school, or the friend is enrolled in a before-school program because the parents have to go to work but your child isn't... do you pick them up in the morning then wait an hour then take them to school?

I'm not saying I would never allow a weekday sleep-over. Just saying the conditions would have to be right for it.

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