I think my 9yr old has SPD....

Brianne - posted on 10/27/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was diagnosed with verbal dyspraxia at age 2 and has been getting speech therapy ever since. In his earlier years, his pre-school teachers always wanted us to get his hearing checked due to them believing he didn't hear them a lot. But he always passed all hearing tests with flying colors. Now, at age 9, he continues to struggle with focusing in school and even following basic direction from me (having to repeat myself several times). He's had an IQ test and is above average... A big indication that I believe he may have SPD is because he is always telling me about how loud and noisy school is... He actually gets emotional over it... He gets emotional over a lot of things... He won't play sports or ride a bike because he's afraid he will get hurt. When he does hurt himself (like stubbing his toe) he "over reacts". I know there's a lot of pieces to put together when diagnosing SPD... I was hoping to get some insight.... I am calling his Dr. to get an evaluation...

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