i think my child is austistic

Michelle - posted on 11/23/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




hi all. my son turned 3 in october and i think he is a little special, (i know im biased lol) at 3 he can count to 100, he can recognise the all the numbers,(when we go walking he knows the numbers on the letter boxes or in books), he also can sing the alphabet, knows all the letters by looking at them. he also can write all the letters of the alphabet and all his numbers. i am starting to get a little anxious because being born later in the year he starts school a year later and dont know how he'll go at school knowing this much already. his communication is lacking a bit too. he can talk but you cant have a proper conversation like the other kids i know his age and dosent seem to always know what im talking about. just wondering if anyone knows where i can go to get some help. thank you


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I don't think he sounds autistic, but I'm not a doctor. I think if you have concerns about signs of autism or having him properly diagnosed you need to take him to his doctor and go from there. Please don't self diagnose your son based on anything on any chat forum. Honestly, he sounds advanced to me. My son is 3 and most certainly cannot count to 100. He gets to ten and jumps straight to 14 and then back to 1. Get your son to a doctor if you're worried.

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Im confused where do you think in all that, that your son may be austistic? Did he start to lose words around age 2-3? Does he not make eye contact? Do noises and textures bother him? Does he have repeating movements, or objects? Does he have over the top outbursts for the smallest things (ie noise, texture, a toy not in its proper place)? Your son sounds like a normal 3 year old who has a good teaching mother. If you are considered speak to his doctor, but dont lable your child without a professional telling you there is an issue.

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My eldest son was reading by himself age 4 and was always beyond his years in the brains department. He is not autistic! Children develop faster in some areas than others, for example my son is brainy but he is very behind in the physical movement department. He is now at uni so not bothered that he can't run fast or throw a ball far. Kids find there own niche in life. Like my son you may have problems at school as the teacher will teach to the majority of the class so he may become bored and disruptive, plan ahead and when the time comes for school tell them that you son will need extention exercises to keep him interested. If you are concerned about his speech then ask to be referred to a therapist that can help you with simple voice exercises and games.

Jodi - posted on 11/23/2010




OK, first up, I am going to say I WISH people would stop labelling their children without proper diagnosis.

If you have concerns, you should go and talk to his doctor, who will be able to refer you to the appropriate place to get a diagnosis if necessary.

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