I think my child's step mom is a stripper

Jacqueline - posted on 07/21/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I do not currently have custody of my five yo but am working towards it. I do not have a good relationship with the step mom. She talks down to me, insulting my parenting wishes for my child, tells my ex how to determine what happens to my child during our visits. She answers his phone when I call and even though I have expressed that I'd rather talk to my ex than her, she says she has every right to tell me how things are going to work. When I first met her, she tried to act like she wanted us all to my one big happy family (she has a son with another man, then there is my son, then her and my ex had a son last year) & how she's reached out to me trying to help me out. I think its all fake. Now we aren't"friends" because a few months ago, my bf and I took my son to Disneyland and didnt invite her older son and thought that was rude and sad about how I don't want to be Part of her happy family. I have been so nice to her, watched stepping on toes, kept my mouth shut around and about her. I told her and my ex one thing , it bothers me that she has my son call her mom. She feels it's her right becauseshe has been dating my ex for 2 years. I am hurt by it. She refuses to have him call her by here given name.shw is obssessed with him, she always says she wishes he were her own, and even tattooed his name on her arm. That was my vent.the other thing is I think she is a stripper. I've asked her and my ex what she does for work, and ive been told a bartender. I dont buy it. On Facebook she mentioned having a new job, and I looked up the location, and it was a gentlemans club.she later erased that comment. She has fake breasts, wears too much makeup, obnoxiously long fake nails, very materialistic. The photos she posts on Facebook clearly look provacative ( in skimpy bikinis, or look naked, kissing other women, et ) lately, my son also told me that she has been traveling to las vegas ( we love in southern California) over the past few weekends for work. My ex, who always worked since he was 16, has (according to him) taken a break from work to care for the family. Hes been on this so called break for over two months now. They have a ridiculously huge tv (92 inches I think) a Mercedes, the Boys have all the toys,video game systems, everything you can think of. According to my ex, they have a gardener and a maid. Yet, they demand I pay child support . I work two jobs as a waitress ( at respectable restaurants, not strict club's) i wonder if my hunch is right? & if my resentment is normal and if her behavior could have any effect in court?


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Stop obsessing about her. What she does for a living, how she dresses, etc...all none of your business. Who CARES if she works out of state, and who cares if she works in a bar? SHE WORKS. That's more than some can say.

If your son is uncomfortable with his treatment, he needs to let his dad know. Otherwise, if he's ok with his treatment, you need to quit trying to cause trouble.

You don't have to pay child support because they 'demand' it, but because the noncustodial parent has the RESPONSIBILITY to pay support to the custodial parent. Their possessions? None of your business. It's not your business if they have a maid, chauffeur, or personal masseuse, either.

Do you have any proof of inappropriate behaviour? Does your son complain that he's abused or mistreated? If not, you are overreacting.

Perhaps you need to accept the fact that the kid's stepmother does care about him. Its not unusual, you know. There are those of us steps that DO love our kids, whether they're bio or step...

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