I think my milk supply is drying up, Can I please get some opinions and help???

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my daughter just turned 2 months old and i have been exclusively breastfeeding, but my milk supply seems to have hardly any! my breast look and feel empty. when i go to nurse her she suckles for about 5-10 mins and seems satisfied for a short period of time and then acts like she wants more. I have just started working again and cant pump at work, when I pump at home i only get about 1 ounce out of each breast. we have given her a formula bottle a few times because she doesnt seem satisfied after some feedings. Im afarid my supply is stopping and that she is not geeting enough,
Is my supply stopping? What can I do to try to get it back up? How can I make sure she is getting enough?


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pumping can be a headache, if my advice can be usefull, breastfeed her every day at the same hours and the rest of the day, when you're at work, try and give her formula..on weekends, keep the same rythm so you dont confuse your body...but don't stop breast feeding, it can be sad if you stop and you don't really want to. Milk supply will adapt, there are always hard days and then things come to normal..getting it back, you will need your baby next to you sucking all the time, it will come back, but it takes a little time.

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After the first few months, your breasts don't get engorged and feel full because they produce just enough to meet your babies needs. She sounds like a cluster feeder. Both of mine are like that. They eat every hour for 5-10 minutes for half the day, then the other half they don't eat as much and just sleep. Giving her formula will only reduce your milk supply. Pumping doesn't determine how much milk you produce, i couldn't pump an ounce with my first, my second i can pump 3-4 oz at a time. As long as your baby is making plenty of wet diapers(more than 6 a day) and puts on weight, she's getting enough milk.

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Is there a reason you can't pump at work? Your body regulates after a period time so you won't feel engorged anymore. But breastfeeding is based on supply and demand, if the demand isn't there then your body isn't going to produce. So by not pumping while at work you are signaling to your body that it no longer needs to produce the milk for those feedings. That doesn't mean though that you have to stop breastfeeding when you are at home, if you feed on demand while at home your body will keep producing. Your daughter may cluster feed at night when you are at home where she feeds for extended periods of time, if she is feeding and taking a break when she goes to feed again try to feed her off of the same breast that way she is getting the fatty hindmilk which may help keep her full for longer.

You can try taking fenugreek to increase your supply. But as long as your daughters diaper out put is 6-8 wet diapers a day you are producing enough. And pumping is not a good indicator of supply since it is not nearly as efficient as baby is.

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