I think my sitter is force feeding my toddler!!!

Krisnina - posted on 09/05/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi moms. I'm a teacher so I have a babysitter that takes care of my toddler that's now 13 months old. I usually come back at 5pm. The nanny (Sarah) I think is force feeding my toddler. I asked her and she says that she fed her 8oz of milk every 1 hour or so...which is really way too much. Sometimes she says that she feeds her like 12 oz in a feeding. After that goes straight to eating baby foods like the carrot cereal and things like that. Then when she goes to play, she gives her eggs and veggies and yogurt. She spoon feeds her. When she doesn't want it, she isn't allowed to play...Listen, she has this procedure that's like: Ok, how many stuff animals do you have? Lay them out and we'll eat 10 big spoonfuls for each stuffed animal. And when my daughter refuses, she says...than that animal hates you and then pretends to throw them out. At that time, my daughter will want to eat, or be forced to eat.
I believe this is stupid...and my daughter's having tantrums now saying "My belly full" but Sarah doesn't listen. Also, she's not eating at family dinners, and I clearly see Sarah dumping food into her mouth and then stuffing her with another bottle right after...she's not really forcing like holding her nose or anything, but is urging her to eat. In fact, I think that she finished like the whole can of milk in 2 days...which is really bad and scary!!! I don't want her to be overweight. Please help!


Sarah - posted on 09/05/2013




My question is if you know this is going on then why do you allow it to keep going on? That poor 13 month old. I would have fired that sitter the minute I found out what was going on no matter the complications that put in my life in trying to find a replacement. I would not be putting my child through that torture.

Kim - posted on 09/05/2013




Fire her, if she does that. It is child abuse. But it is really hard to forcefeed children, make sure you step back and think logically about this. She might be confused about tthe amounts she says, maybe a food journal will help. But if she willingly tells you about the stuffed animal bit, she is a crazy. Dump her. How do you know she says and does these things?


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