I think my son has dislexia?!

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i was wondering what the first step of testing and treating my son in the first grade. He is for sure having trouble reading but I have narrowed it down to that. D B and for sure J's he mixes up. I cant believe the school hasent said anything or noticed. Should I order something, find a program on my own, or go thru the school? Any suggestions? Thanks Mommys=)


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Ed - posted on 04/26/2013




Does your son still have problems as mentioned?
Just like Jodi posted, it's normal to have troubles like that when the kids are learning a wrotten language. Nevertheless, what can you do? Check if it's a oral problem as well. Does he write his name? Ask him to write down sentences (not isolated words) in which he uses Bs Ds and Js.
Most importantly, don't worry. Just be allert.

Jodi - posted on 04/11/2013




It is really normal for young children to mix up lowercase b and d. Some children even still have this problem when they are older. It isn't necessarily a sign of dyslexia, and they do generally outgrow it. What do you mean he mixes up his Js. What is he mixing them up with?

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