I think my son might be on the ASD (autism spectrum disorder)

Jennifer - posted on 06/05/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I think my son might be on the ASD. he is very smart, but is sensitive to loud noises, He rocks, obsessed about video games, walks on his tippy toes, when he's excited, Extremely picky eater, and sometimes has ticks, that will come and go. He's 5 almost 6. Should I get him tested? How & where.


Cathy - posted on 06/06/2013




My daughter has been diagnosed with classic autism. We had a place called quality life concepts who would test children under 3 for free. It was an early intervention company. You can also call a mental health company and check if they do testing. I would recommend you read the book the asbperger's guide by tony altwood and just in case you or your spouse are also slightly on the spectrum the book alone together is a must read for understanding some of our many miscomuntications.


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Sherry Denise - posted on 06/28/2015




Hi, my son is 6 years old and artistic. He was diagnosed at the age of 3, by a neurologist. Very close to the end of age 2, I started noticing things about my son, that were little off, I explain to his medical doctor and she referral him to see a neurologist, a lot of test were done and my son was diagnosed as being artistic. When I first started him on his ADHD meds., I noticed the tics and body movements, after trying him on different meds. Eventually, it all went away, he's more calmer now, no more tics or body jerking. He takes fish oil omega, tenex, clondine, and vitamins and he's doing ok. He was highly sensitive to sounds, but it's gotten a lots better. Artistic kids obsesses over different things, they also likes to be on a routine schedule.My son isn't talking, but says a lot of words, his words increases each day. Good Luck!

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