I think my10 year old son just got possesed by an evil spirit.

Michelle - posted on 03/19/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




A week ago my 10 year old son started hitting me for no reason. Never had this kind of behavior or problem. He has always been shy quiet. He;s my only child. we were sitting down and he just started first play punching and then it got out of hand. Now its to the point where i cannot control him and i lock myself in the bathroom. How can my sweet boy change over night? we live alone. and when i ask him why he doies this he sats the devil told him to do it in a deep voice. Im a single parent who has always been close to my son. we do everything together and how can his personality change over night from being shy, well mannered and never had a problem with hitting even at school everything is normal there. could this be a demon possession?


Whitney - posted on 03/20/2014




Both my 5 year old son and I are ultra sensitives. He has been communicating with his invisible friend for as long as he could sit up. I have had several experiences including menevolent ones. I am a devout Christian. And have belonged to an Anglican Church my entire life. I completely believe you. Your not crazy. Don't let anyone tell you that you are. Simply ask your son ( or the entity it's name) command it to do so in christs name. And then comand it in Christ name to leave. You will have to be a born again Christian to have this authority in Christ. I can swear to you it will leave. I have personally seen this work. God seems to bring these situations in front of me. God bless your son and also you.

Rose - posted on 03/19/2014




I am not saying that it isn't demonic possession, but I would cover all my bases first. My eight year old son likes to make voices like that he hears on television or he gets excited about violent things that he gets to watch on the bus on the way to school on some teenagers laptop. Hitting you is out of hand, he shouldn't be hitting you. Have you tried just talking to him about how he is acting and asking him why he is acting out? I am sure you already have, but just thought I would ask. Did anything happen that might have changed his attitude? Someone he talked to at school perhaps? If your child does go to school on a daily basis and they haven't called about his behavior at school, I wouldn't think it would be demonic possession, but you might want to have a talk with him in that case. Sometimes, kids act out because they don't know how to say what they want to, so they are trying to find other ways to express what they feel.


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