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So on facebook today I came across a post from someone who was majorly annoyed because someone had told her that she should take a look at her diet and she'd be able to get off her meds for a mood disorder. While researching to give her a little information I came across this article and thought everyone might like to take a look. It's quite interesting. http://www.alternativementalhealth.com/a...


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It's excellent to find this out. You also need to remember - most people do not change their diets unless the risk is life threatening. Even then, change is hard and resisted often. Second, finding the cause for each person when no blood test or skin test can tell it to you takes intensive food journaling and tracking, which most people would not do or are incapable of doing accurately. So I can't blame doctors for not knowing enough. Based on those facts, the better long term treatment would often be medications, but people should know this information as well if they have the desire to treat the root cause if they find it does apply to them.

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I always look to diet changes before anything else. Mainly because I hate taking pills...LOL...so I'll do anything to avoid it!

Kelina - posted on 12/20/2011




I know, and the thing is I never knew anyhting about it until I came onto CoM. I think doctors as well need to start doing ther research a little more as well. My doctor immediately put me on meds for depression which I've since found out is made worse by certain foods-namely sugar. Yet no one ever mentioned it to me.

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Diet can have a HUGE effect on mental problems. I have heard that ADD/ADHD can often be aggravated by red food dye. Cut out the dye and there's drastic improvement.

My mothers ex boyfriend is allergic to bananas. He gets really aggressive and irritated. They didn't find out about his allergy until he was almost 30 because the aggression is his ONLY symptom.
I believe that most (not all) people, especially with more *minor* mental problems (those who aren't going to hurt themselves or others and who have a grasp on reality) SHOULD try a diet change. I believe that medications are drastically over used. I will never say that they don't have a place, but I don't think that drugs are the only answer, nor should they be the only thing that gets tried.

A diet change very well may help your friend with the mood disorder. Not to say that she WILL be able to get off meds entirely, but she may need fewer or less potent meds, or she may be able to cut them out entirely, depending on her individual problems and how her body reacts.

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