I took a first response test and got a dark result line with a faint control line what does that mean?

Brittney - posted on 09/28/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )





Hello everyone and anyone who could let me know something. I would like to start off saying I did not plan on getting pregnant. I have missed my period, I usually get it about the 20th atleast thats when I got it in August ( last month) my boyfriend and I have unprotected sex atleast 4 times a month. We have been together for over 3 years and have yet to concieve so we didnt believe we could have kids. Well almost all month my breast have been sore I have been tired and moody. I didnt tink anything of it until I realized I was late. I took a pregnancy September 27th 2014 (the day after missed period) it came back positive but the control line was faint so I tought maybe the test was wrong so I went and got first response and once again itcame back positive with the control line very faint. i took a total of 3 tests and they all came back the same way ... am I pregnant ... what does this mean. I am in desperate need of answers!

*thanks for your time(: please help me find RELIABLE answers


Michelle - posted on 09/28/2014




It it's showing positive then yes you are pregnant. Go to the doctor and get confirmation if you want, we can't tell you really.

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