i've been itchy for the pass to days all over my body and i went to the emergency room they gave me benadryl and that works for only 6 hours and the itch returns so i went and bought aveno oatmeal body wash and got some hydrocodizone and that doesn't seem to help also and i'm 2 days away from having a c-section i dont know what to do please help...


Rebekah - posted on 06/19/2013




Any chance its a PUPPPS rash? Its a horribly itchy rash that comes with pregnancy. I had it in the last couple of weeks before delivering (also c-section). It was so itchy I wanted to scratch my skin off! It put me to tears. I didn't seek treatment for it until a few days after I delivered...the OBGYN put me on Claritin and that seemed to snuff it out (plus not being pregnant anymore, I guess my body chemicals just had to straighten themselves out). Cool showers, loose and soft clothing... I don't know what else to suggest...but if Benadryl gives you 6 hours of relief, be thankful! I wish someone had suggested that to me when I was struggling.
I wish you well on your c-section and congrats on your new little one! May the itching go away soon after! :)

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