I've been told that shopping for a baby before 7 months pregnant is a bad omen.

Kristen - posted on 01/14/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




I've been told that shopping for a baby before 7 months pregnant is a bad omen. I'm 5 months pregnant with my first & unemployed. I would like to start buying now because I can't afford to buy all items at once. Anyone else heard its a bad omen,


Kristen - posted on 01/14/2012




I agree with you! Thank you for your comment and advice! I've already bought some items, but people keep telling me to stop buying things because anything could happen to the baby and in that case, I won't be able to return items. I say that returning things will be the LAST thing on my mind if God forbid, something should happen. Like I said, I'm unemployed and I have NO one to help me with purchases, so I don't need people telling me to wait until I'm about to give birth to buy everything I will need. I need to do whats best for me and that means buying what I can, when I can. Thanks again!

Karen - posted on 01/15/2012




Then I really should have been in trouble...we were shopping for baby things before I was even pregnant!!


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Chrystal - posted on 01/14/2012




I've never heard that we had just about bought everything by 7 months with our first we couldn't afford to wait till the last minute we bought stuff as we had the cash and saw the deals.

Danielle - posted on 01/14/2012




I feel that superstitions hold power if you believe and give it that power.

Do what you need to do, anything else that happens will happen wither or not you bought baby items early. As long as you understand that sometimes shit happens, and 'it is what it is' then you're fine.

If you believe in silly superstitions, then obviously anything bad that happens you will associate to that superstition.

You just need to realize that things happen, regardless if you believe in God, or Buddha, Allah, or other superstitions, (ect).

I clump all that stuff together.

It is all about perception.

You could go out tomorrow and buy a baby outfit, and later break your shoelace.. would that be a bad omen? People have different variances of "bad luck", or "bad omen".

Just remind yourself that the likely hood of your child turning into "Rosemary's Baby" is extraordinarily unlikely. Buying baby crap before the kid is born won't change that fact!

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