I've Lost My Son's Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!

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Please help me!

I can't find my son's special teddy blanket anywhere.

He can't sleep with out it. He is only 3. I have an alternative but he always wakes up crying in the night when he sleeps with it.


This is exactly what it is. But it's discontinued! I can't find another one anywhere.

If any one has one has one or knows where I can find on please contact me ASAP!

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I have rung them, and big w, where i actually bought it. i have emailed both their head offices and customer service, and they all tell me they can't help me.

I think the biggest problem is, they do still sell them, but they have changed the design, so they look and feel diffrent. I got 2 of these for my son, in the closest colour to his i could find, but in the night he always crys in his sleep. I think he must look for his teddy in sleep, and cause it's so diffrent he feels like he can't find it.

When I go in an hand him the other teddy he will take it, but the same things happens when he goes to look for it again.

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Have you tried calling Osh Kosh directly? If you cry to enough people you may find someone at corporate head quarters who will try and find you one. Like they may have sample sitting in a box in a closet somewhere. I really wish you the best of luck we have "blankies" that we're very attached to and can't imagine what you're dealing with.

I'm sure you already have but I would also call every store that you've been in where it could of possibly been left. Call them everyday in case someone found it but no one communicated who it belonged to. Good luck

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Linzhanbv. I barely slept last night. How dare you even consider posting this here. What is the matter with you.

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Sadly no. I've spent hours searching ebay and similar for one.

Osh Kosh has a lot to answer for, as they make (what they call these) still, but they have no hat, and are silky around the outside and the middle.

I have 2 of these for my son, but they don't look or feel the same.

I don't understand how they can just discontinue a product, and replace it with something similar when it's marketed as a comfort item for babies and little kids.

Thanks so much for looking!

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