I've tried everything and my milk supply seems to be deteriorating by the day/hour

Kathleen - posted on 05/01/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I am a 22 year old mom just recently had my third kid on April 15,2013 my first two didnt get to breast feed do to lactose issues that thy both out grew and I was over joyed to know that this kid can tolerate my milk unfortunately when he was 5/6 days he lost his birth weight when he was born he was 7.12 and went down to 6.15 so they supplemented him after he breast Feds and put me on domperidone a few days later and a pump after he feeds too ever since I got the domperidone my milk supply went down and pumping went down ever more ...I have been staying hydrated resting as much as i can eatting and eattig oat meal and feeding ever 3/4 hours he wakes himself up ever 3/4 hours and seems like my milk is going away by the day / hours and today I've noticed he wants another 2-4 ounces of formula after he feeds from me ...for once I wanna just breast feed without the worry of formula anymore worried aboutilk with my first two and dont wanna anymore ...also I've noticed after pumping and emptying like Sappose to it takes 3/4 hours to produce what little milk I have been able to ...my breasts haven't been feeling full like they use to ...please help safe my milk!!! I really want to avoid formula I've been doing my best and I really don't wanna give up yet but I'm getting close to throwing in the towel ...please help!!!!


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Do you smoke? That reduces the supply rapidly.

I would get off of that drug. Whatever it is. You can try mothers milk or fenugreek. The best success that I had was with a Guiness beer. 1 beer at night after my daughter was in bed, and I saw a huge increase the next day. You do NOT need to pump and dump after you have 1 beer, just don't breast feed for 1-2 hours. Beer in your breast milk is like beer in your blood. It leaves within an hour or so depending on how your body metabolizes it. That is why I am saying 2 hours. Guiness is not for everyone, it is really an acquired taste. Drink it in a frozen mug and just down the shit.

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