i walked in on my 18 year old son and his boyfriend sharing a bath,i went mad. so hes left 2 live with his dad and they are now accusing me of being homophobic. im absolutly devistated upset and angry i feel bereft .can anyone offer me some advice


Holly - posted on 01/22/2013




well, if it was a girl would you still have gone mad? be honest with yourself. and if the answer is yes you would have still been angry... at 18 they really need to start looking for a place of their own to live. would you be thrilled if they lived in an apartment together? they are of age, and there is not a whole lot you can say about his sexual orientation, and at 18 they are going to be sexually active. but i don't know if i'd be happy with my daughter's sharing a bath with their boyfriend in MY house... and if it was a girlfriend i wouldn't be any MORE or LESS ok with it.


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Ariana - posted on 01/22/2013




I would try to explain to him that the reason you are upset is not because of him being with a guy it's about how he was acting, whether it was a girl or a guy.

At this age there really isn't much you can do. Is he still going to high school?

You could try to get him to agree to go into some family councelling with you to try and work things out. Other then that at this age there isn't much else you can do but let him figure things out. Try to keep a positive relationship with him despite the issues going on.

CATHERINE - posted on 01/22/2013




to be honest id have been worse .his boyfriend is only 16. and his mums not 2 happy either .my sons gone 2 stay with his dad and im worrying sick . his dads into his canabis and theres an awfull lot of coming and going if been made to look like a monster.

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