i want a new family!

Ashley - posted on 05/12/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




My mom and her 3 husband have now made me want to disown them. For mothers day weekend i stayed at my moms. I hardly get to see them so I was excited. That was until Saturday night when I found out I had to come back home early and wasnt going to be able to give my mom her mothers day present on mothers day. Her husband told me that because it wasnt mothers day on saturday i couldnt give it to her. I really wanted to see her reaction but they said i didnt deserve to see her since i was leaving. I had to get back to illinois so that my boyfriend had a way to work. Now im being made out to be the bad person for ruining my mothers mothers day. She says that my boyfriend should have found someone else to take him to work. I feel I did the right thing by going back home because that is where my responsibilities are. Does anyone disagree with me? If you want more info just message me.


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Hay all am taha a boy I get annoyed from my family and I don't have a dad and mom I want a new family cause I want mom and dad and I want to continue my studies while I have the best family ever


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Jeanne - posted on 05/12/2009




You went to spend the time with her...you had the gift and all you were asking was to give it to her a few hours early??? Your mother's boyfriend is a real jerk (not my first choice in terms but this is a family place). Who in the hell does he think he is for saying something like that?? Do you know if your mother received her gift or did he just give it to her and say it was from him? If you have a chance I would tell your mom to get rid of this loser as he seems to be an overbearing ass. You have a family of your own and your own responsibilities.....and don't worry about it I'm sure the person who mattered most...your mother understood.

Amanda - posted on 05/12/2009




I would have told him to eff off and gave it to her. It was for her not him. He sounds like a gem. You have responsibilities to deal with too. People need to stop thinking that the world revolves around them. Hope you and your mom can put this in the past and have a better relationship.

Libby - posted on 05/12/2009




Why was it up to your mother's husband to tell you that you can't give her something you bought for her???? That's just weird. I wouldn't disown your mother, but I would definetly have better guidelines when interacting with her husband. Obviously if you don't live at home with your mother, and you are not a minor, I can't really see why he would have any control over your interactions with her. That's her business if she lets him control her like that. But I'd refuse to be treated that way. The only thing you can do now is get over it. Move on and when you have another interaction with them set your own boundaries!

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Speaking from a mother's point of view. I'm almost 58 years old and being a mother of a 23 & 24 year olds this is how I FEEL.
Every day I wake up with two healthy happy alive and well children it is a VERY HAPPY MOTHER'S day FOR ME.!!!
The way I see it the problem lies with your MOM.
We don't always have control of our circumstances and being a MOTHER means being understanding NOT demanding.

?? - posted on 05/12/2009




I think your mother and her husband need to grow up. And her husband has NO right, reason or place to tell you when you can give your mother a present. Your mom should be happy that you went out of your way to even go there when most mothers on mothers day get only a phone call from their grown children. If it comes up again ask them if they want to act like bratty children about you wanting to be an adult, you can get them a bottle and tell them they need a nap, or it's time to grow up and be adults.

Kelly - posted on 05/12/2009




i don't think that what you did was wrong.....and he sould have let you give your mother her gift on saturday...it was your to give, not his to keep from her.....i think that if your boyfriend could of found another ride he would of, instead of making you come home to do it. and if he couldn't find a ride to work and you stayed at your mothers, what if he lost his job cuz of that, how would you mother have felt, now days you just can't take that chance.....i think you did what was right for you and your moms husband shouldn't have kept you from giving your mother her gift........

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