I want more Children but feel like I need a breast reduction 1st.

Kristen - posted on 10/13/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am really considering a breast reduction, I have 2 children and I want to have more but my breat are too big. I am 5'1 and my normal weight 122lbs. My breast use to be a 34DD but now those bras are too small on me so I am not sure how large they are now. I am 27 years old and they are sagging. Also I have back pain and pains in my chest. I have been to the doctors and they said my chest pains are non cardiac and they think it may have something to do with an anxiety disorder, they gave me medicine but I still have chest pains, I really think it may be from my breast being so big. I do think I would feel much better and be much more happier with my apperance if my breast were smaller and less saggy. I am so afraid of surgery and that is the only thing holding me back from getting a breast reduction. I am scared of any complications especially because I have 2 small children. Any advise please?


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i say do it!

i got a breast reduction done on march 30th of this year and am so happy i finaly got the courage to just do it. im round 178lbs and im 5'7. i was a (european) Jcup and am now an Ecup and SO much happier and more confident! i dont have to buy crazy expensive bras via the internet anymore, i fit most clothing properly and i can run without it hurting!! haha im 29 and my breasts were seriously nearly at my belly button. now they dont look like fake perfect breasts, but they look normal with minimal scarring. i have lost sensation in my nipples, but that doesnt happen often and they had to completely remove my nipples due to sagging, but in most surgeries they are able to keep the nipples attatched to the body.

i was only in pain for about 1 week after the operation. my daughter was two and a half and i had to explain a few times that mummies breasts hurt and she couldnt jump on me and cuddle me like normal, but my partner helped heaps!

but i have no regrets and am so happy with the results.

do be aware that there is a chance you wont be able to breast feed after a breast reduction.

talk to a surgeon and hear all the pros, cons and risks...

good luck with your decision making :)


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 10/14/2012




I would get it done. If you are in pain, that will not make mothering easy. Good luck!

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