I want my 7 month old baby to gain weight.. Im not satisfied with her body.. for me she's thin.. I always give her vitamins.. but at her age she still dont want to eat.. she keeps on vomiting everytime I give her foods.. ex.mashed potato


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Valeria - posted on 04/23/2015




It depends on your baby. I have a 6 month old baby and he is 21lbs!! I breastfed him only breast milk for 3 months straight then did breast milk and formula until now and he grew faster than I can say BABY!. I didn't want to introduce solids to him at 4 months bc of his weight so I waited until about 3 weeks ago that the doctor said I had to start feeding him 3 times a day solids bc he had just turned 6 months. He is n the 90"s and 100 percentile, but everything is fine because his head, body, length all go together. I wanted my baby to be little, but I accepted that I have a big baby and love every roll on his body. He is healthy and moves a lot so I know he is just fine. My niece is 8 months and she is noticeably smaller in weight and height. leave it for your baby to grow on her own, she will get there, don't add more than she needs. Every baby is different and as long as she is healthy, peeing and pooping fine and active than she is just fine. No need to worry where no worries are needed. :) As for solids, try veggies first and if she throws up wait a couple of days before you introduce the same again, babies forget taste and one day my baby will like broccoli the next he will vomit, it is ok, experience more veggies but wait a couple of days before you introduce a different on for allergy purposes. My baby boy LOVESS peas alone and peas, beats and carrots all combined. Just have to get her taste buds flowing. Also try rice cereal, I started with that. my baby has that for breakfast than has his veggies later. btw he hates carrots, asparagus and beats when they are alone and not mixed. you might have a picky baby and that is OK! :) best of luck

Shakirah - posted on 04/23/2015




Maybe you should talk to her doctor. Also try different food if you waited to start introducing solids she may not like the texture. If you breastfeed or formula feed you need to add the milk to some of the food so she can transition. Wish you the best my son is texture sensitive it is no easy task, but you can do it. If her doctor has not said anything about her weight I would not worry about it.

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