i want people i know to stop dictating how i should raise my child

Phyllis - posted on 06/03/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




hello to all the moms in here I am Phyllis and recently divorced with a special needs child which is a real sweat heart to others and me but there s a problem I have some people I know who have never had kids of their own and I am older than them telling me I don't know how to raise my special needs child which I feel isn't right it isn't none of their business and I feel if they want kids get one of their own somewhere else not my child its overbearing to say the least I don't need their opinion at all about my business I am doing fine I feel they have a mental problem with this I don't need them. the reason it seems like I am angry is because I feel suffocated with these people and I had my child out of marriage I feel one of them might be trying to steal my identity and kidnap my child at this point I have told the police and FBI my fears about my child and wish someone would help me with this and help me somehow or another tell these people to get on with their lives and stay out of mine I don't need their advice nor their opinion on how I should raise my special needs child I feel they are sick in the head and are stalkers literally I don't want to be suffocated or stalked or harassed or coerced or duress out of my child by these in my opinion weird individuals they are never going to be god or trying to be him they are literally suffocating me wish they would stop not my problem they don't have kids or concern at this point because again the suffocating me with their presence I forgive them but they should seriously find another way to have a kid of their own and leave my child and I and our identities alone stop using others to help them coerced me out of my life or my child's I think that should be against the law if anyone has any ideas please write me at this point any advice would greatly be appreciated thank you


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Michelle - posted on 06/04/2015




All I can suggest is to break all contact with them. Change your phone numbers and find people that will encourage you instead.

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