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Hello moms;
I am living a live-in-relationship at the moment with my boyfriend but I can't seem to get pregnant. This is my 7th relationship but it is not going very well because I don't have a baby. Do you know how to get pregnant in less than a month. Need to know urgently or I will be single AGAIN! Have tried tablets and medication but it doesn't help. Please tell me what to do.
I want a baby as soon as. I need a baby. WHERE IS MY BABY?????


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Jodi - posted on 12/05/2015




Please don't get pregnant. We don't need more babies in the world born into bad relationships. Why on earth you'd want to have a baby with someone in a relationship that isn't going well, I can't imagine. Having a baby will NOT save your relationship and there is something wrong with you if you think it will. Instead of ending up single again, you will end up a single mum with baby daddy issues.

What I will suggest is that given this is your 7th relationship, and this one isn't great, maybe you could benefit from seeing a counsellor.

Michelle - posted on 12/05/2015




If your relationship is that bad then a baby won't help at all!!!!
My advice is wait until you are in a long term stable relationship before adding innocent children into it.
You haven't said how old you are but having 7 relationships isn't showing that you can keep a long term relationship.
Babies put a lot of strain on couples. They don't "fix" relationship problems so it's probably best that you will be single instead of having a baby.

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