I want to get pregnant, but need tips..

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My boyfriend and I want a baby together, maybe not like right this second. But I am looking for tips on how I can get pregnant while being on birth control. I have no choice but to be on birth control so my periods are regular. I've tried not being on birth control but then I am constantly bleeding and end up losing to much blood and and that all ends with me being rushed to the hospital. So anyone got some helpful hints/tips for me?

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Sarah - posted on 01/03/2015




If you are just at the point of promise rings then you are not ready for a baby. Once you are ready for marriage then talk to your doctor about what your options are.

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To Answer the first question, My boyfriend and I have talked about marriage, but we want to take the step of promise rings first. I just got my promise ring for Christmas. And to answer your second question I have investigated the bleeding. I saw 5 different doctors in a two month span and all I got out of that was my estrogen levels were not normal, no doctor said anything about pills of shots to fix that problem just gave me birth control and called it good.

Jodi - posted on 01/03/2015




OK, first things first, before talking about you getting pregnant, have you considered the following:

1. Why you and your boyfriend aren't discussing marriage? I would be very cautious about making a commitment about a child until you have established your own commitment to each other. Just something to keep in mind.

2. Have you investigated WHY you are constantly bleeding when you are not on birth control? You appear to be treating the symptoms rather than investigating and treating the cause. It's probably time to look into what is causing this issue because it is NOT normal.

Ledia - posted on 01/03/2015




You cannot have a healthy pregnancy while taking birth control pills. In rare cases, you can fall pregnant while using them, usually be not taking them at the same time each day or by skipping days here and there, but if you continue to take them once you become pregnant you will miscarry the baby and/or cause serious defects and health issues for the baby.

If you have a medical condition that causes excessive bleeding when not on birth control, carrying a child is probably not a good option for you. You need to consider adoption or perhaps a surrogate mother. Talk to your doctor about your options, there may be another solution for your condition that will allow you to carry a child.

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