I want to know at what age do boy start talking


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Elfrieda - posted on 02/10/2013




All boys are different. I was a little bit concerned that my son only had the required number of words at 18 months if I included "moo" and "meow". Then he slowly gathered a few more words here and there and pretty much on his third birthday exploded with complicated sentences and learning a new word every hour, basically. And he's playing with grammar, with things like "Mommy jumping" or "mommy jumps" instead of "Mommy jump", and "Careful, no loud sounds! Baby wakes ups." because he knows there should be an 's' on the end.

If he's communicating with you well, I wouldn't worry about it at all. But if you feel like you're just not communicating and something is wrong, get it checked out, there's nothing wrong with that. Even when he spoke 10 words, many fewer than other children his age, I could still understand him fine, and he followed instructions very well. (by that I mean he *understood* instructions very well, haha) We had some signs, and he would mime what he wanted, etc. That's why I wasn't worried.

Angie - posted on 02/10/2013




Not fully the same but our daughter was like 3 yrs old when she really started talking & even then it took her another year 2 talk to her own grandparents. She was just really shy- stil is.

Dove - posted on 02/05/2013




Depends on the boy. My nephew was holding conversations with adults by his second birthday. My friend's son pretty much only said 'mama' on his second birthday. 'Typically' they have a bunch of words and are starting simple sentences by 2, but not every kid is typical. If you are concerned ask your doctor. Otherwise just let him develop at his own pace. :)

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