I want to know how can i take the bottle at night away from my child


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Alison - posted on 09/08/2011




It is definitely the right time. One thing I have done with my girls for weaning pacis and the breast is using the birthday. Tell her that when her birthday comes, she will be three years old, she'll get cake and balloons, you'll sing Happy Birthday and she'll be a big girl and give all her bottles to the babies who have none. I sent my girls pacifiers to "Timbuktu" (literally, wrote that on the envelope and dropped it in the mailbox) and it worked like a charm.

Katherine - posted on 09/08/2011




Ok then yes it's time to take the bottle away. I am having the same problem with my 2.5 year old. She takes one at night and that's what I do. Water, 2 ounces.

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