I want to know more about research on Down Syndrome and why there is no cure

Tami - posted on 07/12/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a son who is now 7 months. He is basically doing everything any normal baby would be doing. He even started sitting at 6 months. He is still a little floppy compared to babies without DS. His features are very mild and it rare that anyone knows he has DS. We found out two days after he was born. I am so frustrated that it seems that research and a cure for DS is not a priority. I feel like people just accept these kids as happy and that they can have a full filled life. Of course my son will! But....I still want any therapies that could give him a higher IQ,could make him able to have a family and children etc.etc...I feel like DW is like how polo used to be....someday there will be a cure. And there will be a solution besides abortion. I am also frustrated on the low numbers of research on milestones. Most books authors have only worked with for case studies less then 50 kids...how can this help us find a cure? I love my son but I believe in science. I know in Maruland they have found a way to take the extra chromosome in mice....does anyone know of a good vitamin therapy? Mineral therapy? Or something I can do now? I read there is a place in CA that has a regiment for kids and the diet actually improved IQ and the DW features. Big am not embarrassed of my son bit I believe in doing all I can to help him. I won't ever give up. On also sick of people falling on god. I don't believe he was born this way because of god. It is genetics.


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It is genetics and no pill is going to fix anyone born with this. I do not think they will find a cure unless they make it possible for everyone to be able to chose their child's gene pool so they can only include those healthy genes. There are a lot of genetic disorders and diseases that are under study but they still have no real cures. You need to seek your child's doctor out for those resources to help with therapy and such to make his life the fullest it can be. I am not sure about getting IQ any higher but he can get speech, physical and occupational therapies along with behavioral ones if needed to learn how to do socially acceptable things, help with making the right choices when he does get to adulthood on where to live on his own, and other things that we do day to day. I do know of one man I worked with that has DS and he got married. So it is possible. Again as for the cure you would like to see, I do not know if there will ever be one other than genetic choices for couples wanting children.

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