i want to know when my boy have to have a teeth he is almost 10 month old


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 02/24/2012




My daughter did not cut her first tooth until she was a little over 1 year. Then the next one was at 13 months, and then at 15 months her mouth exploded with teeth. I think she got 5 teeth in one month. My son started teething at 8 months, but only had 4 until he was about 13 months.

Chrystal - posted on 02/24/2012




The average age for getting their first tooth is 6 months but it's normal for a baby to get their first tooth anywhere from birth to 18 months. My son got his first at 5 months and at 19 months has 12 teeth and 1 on the way out. My daughter is 8 months and still no teeth but is showing some signs of teething.

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