I want to know your opinion on my questionn about my baby's dad?

Onnie - posted on 01/25/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




When my sons father and i were about 4 weeks pregnant he left and moved out of state and i havent heard from him since. Well now i am currently 7 months pregnant with my son, I recently got into a relationship with a new guy. He tells everyone he is the daddy and that it is his son. When im at his house for the night he likes to grab a book he bought and read the stories to my belly so that our son can hear his voice and get used to him. And he does all the sweet things you would expect the excited daddy to be to do. and im happy that my son has someone like that in his life and i am thankful to have him because its all i wanted through this pregnancy was to have someone to share it with. My question is does the Biological father deserve or have a right to know about his son and about when he is born and all that information or do i have a right to not want him in my childs life since the only man my child so far knows who his daddy is, is the one i am with now?
I mean yeah i know anybody can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy is the basic thing i may hear.. Cuz that was my story growing up except i know who my real dad is..
What do i do if the father does show back up in town? how would i deal with that?


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you tell your unborn child when he arrives from the beginning that he is very special because he has a father who can't be with him right now but loves him and he also has a daddy who chose him which makes him very special.

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I think the real question is, does your child have the right to know who his biological parents are? Or are you going to lie to him all of his life and risk him finding out later that the man you TOLD him was his biological father, isn't his biological father?

On the question about the biological father's rights, you will find that the majority of courts recognise the importance of biological parents in a child's life, unless it is unsafe for the child (i.e. drugs, abuse). If the father comes back in a few months and requests some visitation, even if only a few hours a week, there is the possibility that the court will allow this, and order for you to comply with it. So yes, the biological has rights unless and until he chooses to sign away his rights.


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The Bio Father has a right to know he is going to have a child or at least know that the child is around. He may want to be a part of the child's life. If you pass off this new man as the only father then it will be a lie. And to be honest, you have not known him that long. He could up and leave too. LIfe is not made of guarentees. You need to be honest about all this. Also, did you tell the father of your baby about the pregnancy before he left? Did he even know there was a baby to begin with?

Dove - posted on 01/26/2013




Your baby isn't even born yet.... This is a new relationship with a new guy and while it sounds nice... there are no guarantees that he will stick around either (I hope for both your sakes that he does). Yes, your son's biological father still has a right to know about him and have a relationship with him. More importantly though, your SON has a right to know who his father is and not live a life of lies.

There is nothing wrong with your son being raised to know he has a father and a daddy... and since he isn't even born yet... his father might turn out to be his daddy as well. Then he could have two daddies.

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