i want to make my own baby food but dont know were to start

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i am happy giving my daughter packet ceral as they are easy to make and not to expensive but for lunch and dinner i normally give her jar food so i would like to start making it myself any tips or anyone who could tell me what to do and what i will need will really help


Emma - posted on 01/07/2010




I don't know where in the world you are, but Annabel Karmel does brilliant baby recipe ideas ...
My lo loves things like pear with baby rice and cinnamon, sweet potato mixed with butter nut squash, mashed swede and carrot ... she'll also have whatever we have for tea eg roast dinner, shepherds pie, fish pie - the only things to be careful of are certain fish like swordfish coz of mercury levels, they shouldn't have honey until 1yr old due to infant botulism and they shouldn't have pork until a yr old too ... beyond that you can go crazy! Eggs must also be throughly cooked through until they are a year old. The SMA website also has some good recipes on it. :D HTH Ems xx

Jessica - posted on 01/07/2010




we make our own baby food for our baby boy and he absolutelt loves it!! He eats it right up and he eats way more than he would eat out of a jar. We just started by mixing fruits such as bananas, apples, cantalope, and oranges. At first we would mix each one up separatly but then we began making mixtures and he just cant get enough. It is so easy to do just start with a simple Blender or mixer, and one more idea we even bought yogurt and mixed in with the fruit. your baby will love it and mixing your own foods has so much more nutritional value, its just wonderful!

Lydia - posted on 01/07/2010




hey! how old is your little one? Luca is almost 8 months and for the last couple of months he eats what we eat....spag bol, lasagne, chillie con carne (but with minimal chilli powder or non at all) stews, lamb and veg, chicken and veg, chicken curry, fish pie's, gratin ect. I generally do extra and freeze it so we always have stash! For breakfast he will have rusk or weetabix or porridge and lunch is usually sandwiches, soup, beans on toast ect with yoghurt and/or fruit. I found it really hard at first, i'm not very adventurous with cooking but i found with freezing bits, i knew i always had something to fall back on if my cooking went horribly wrong! I found after a couple of weeks of 'careful' weaning and doing individual fruits and veg he had tried the majority of foods that i give him all foods (except those that aren't recommended!!) its good fun but i got really stressed at first in case he wasn't getting enough variety of all the food groups but he has plenty of fresh fruit and veg and fresh meat and because it is all fresh with no added salt or sugars i don't mind if someone gives him the odd treat of a chocolate button ect, i figured with the fresh stuff a bit of naughtyness would be ok!!! Hope it helps?!?

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With both of my kids, and all of my daycare kids, I made everything for them. If she's on pureed, you can just toss things in the blender and go until it's to the texture you want. If starting finger foods, breads and pasta are good. As well as really ripe pears, cooked (then cooled) apple pieces, etc. For meats, we usually do lunch meat that's sliced. It's thin and easy to cut into bite size, can't choke on, pieces. My kids always had whatever I was having as well.

Let me know what stage she's at, and I can give you recipes like what Gerber or whomever uses.

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Oh and my son loves his weetbix and formular for breaky, I also add banana sometimes. Fruit pureed can go in freezer just the same as veggies, no matter on the look when it comes out, it is still full of goodness and safe to eat. Just defrost fruit in very tight bag in water if needed sooner then a day other wise a refrigerator is the best option.

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Weetbix isnt high in salt, infact milk has almost the same amount of salt as weetbix lol,

Weetbix nutrition 30g 100g 30g with milk

Energy (kJ) 447 1490 910

(Cal) 107 356 218

Protein (g) 3.7 12.4 9.2

Fat - Total (g) 0.4 1.4 6.8

- Saturated Fat (g) 0.1 0.3 4.3

Carbo- Total (g) 20.1 67 27.9

- Sugars (g) 1 3.3 8.8

Dietary Fibre (g) 3.3 11 3.3

Sodium (mg) 87 290 155

Potassium (mg) 102 340 355

Magnesium (mg) * 107 50

32 (10% RDI)*

Freezing foods

Note: Freezer storage is for quality only. Frozen foods remain safe indefinitely.

Soups and Stews 2 to 3 months

Poultry, (cooked) 4 months

Meat, cooked 2 to 3 months

Frozen Dinners and Entrees 3 to 4 months

Ham, Hotdogs and Lunchmeats 1 to 2 months


There are three safe ways to defrost food: in the refrigerator, in cold water, or in the microwave. It's best to plan ahead for slow, safe thawing in the refrigerator. Small items may defrost overnight; most foods require a day or two.

One more tip, get some sticky lables to right the Date and food discription so when you freeze them and then go to use them you know exactly what it is and when it was frozen..

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You can put pureed fruit in freezer just not banana.Meat,veg fruit all last 6-8wks in freezer. Overnight in fridge is the best way to defrost any food as welll as babies or i just put straight from freezer in microwave at eating time. My daughter is 9 months and she has had weetbix since bout 6.5 months old as well as oats but before then weetbix is probably not recommended due to salt levels. Someone mentioned Annabel Karmels recipe books and i really recommend them, i've cooked all my babies food from 6 months when she started on solids and they are fantastic recipes and really give you great ideas that i would never have thought of on my own.

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can you put puree fruit in the freezer i know you can with the veg and meet purees also how long do you leave them to deforst before serving?

does any one give weetabix with formular for breakfast?

Jo - posted on 01/07/2010




Bananas are easy you don't have to do anything but mash them up.

carots I used to boil and when they were mushy I'd mash them up.

You can do that with alot of fruits and vegis, esspecially if you don't want to give them raw ones.

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Quoting Elizabeth:

With both of my kids, and all of my daycare kids, I made everything for them. If she's on pureed, you can just toss things in the blender and go until it's to the texture you want. If starting finger foods, breads and pasta are good. As well as really ripe pears, cooked (then cooled) apple pieces, etc. For meats, we usually do lunch meat that's sliced. It's thin and easy to cut into bite size, can't choke on, pieces. My kids always had whatever I was having as well.
Let me know what stage she's at, and I can give you recipes like what Gerber or whomever uses.

she is 4 months so only on first puree food thanks so much

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I cooked my son everything he ate, from 6 months up, three things I couldnt live with out: Sauce pan, Blender, Ice cube tray with lids(I actually got a baby meal freezing tray).

Most of the ingredients I boil, blend, then fill a few trays with and pop in freezer so I always had something to give my two sons, that was home made, quick and easy for dinner and lunch times.

Chicken and corn

Dice skinless Chicken breast. Pan cook chicken breast(no need to add anything except a little oil if not a non stick pan). When Chicken cubes have cooked through and slightly golden, boil corn to soften, Drain water (keep about 3 table spoons of liquid), then throw Chicken peices and corn into blender together with a little of the water from the corn, Once smooth. Pop Into ice cube tray.

Carrot, Sweet potato and potato mash

Peal then rough cut all into cubes aprox same size, boil together till soft enough to prick with fork, take off heat, tip out all water, add a little milk to pan and a very little marg, then mash till smooth. Pop into ice cube tray.

Vegetable and Chicken Stew

Peas, corn, carrot, mushrooms, broccilli, potato, Skinless Chicken Breast, Chicken oxo cubes or chicken stock, cellery.

Peal the carrots, mushrooms, and potato. Dice the chicken breast. Wash and break up the broccilli into smaller sections. Rough chop carrot, potato, cellery (smaller peices), mushrooms.

Place chicken peices into water/stock and boil till cooked through. Add everything else except peas and corn. Bring to boil then place lid ontop and let simmer for roughly 1/2 hour, (your only waiting for all ingredients to be cooked through and softer) Then add peas and corn, let simmer another ten mins. Stir now and then to see how things are going, when the liquid has thickend take it off the heat and let cool. Blend this together (only when room tempreture) till smooth enough and then... Pop into tray, and into freezer.

I never added things like salt, pepper, chillie, garlic, or sea food (shell) to any cooking, until my children were at least three.

For the most part boiling vegetables and blending them together or seperately, and cooking chicken or beef then blending. You can really make any combo you like, or blend your left over dinners (as long as there are no additives that can cause upset babys)

As your child gets older and more able, blend on a lower setting, make it chunkier untill you only need a blender for smoothes and soups..

To these reciepies you can add things like cooked pasta and rice then add in the blending.

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I make all my own food...super easy. Start with sweet potatoes...wash them and peel them. Cut into large chunks and put in a steamer basket over a pot of boiling water...cover with lid. Steam until very soft. Take the sweet potatoes and either put them through a food mill or put them in a food processor. if it too thick, add a bit of the water from the pot to thin it out. I then fill ice cube trays with the food and freeze it. Once frozen, i pop them into freezer bags and pull out a cube or two (however much your child is eating) and defrost.

sometimes, i add formula or breastmilk to thin out and sometimes I don't...sometimes I make it fairly thin and add cereal to thinken just for variety.

I do this with a bunch of different foods and freeze then in the cubes...then when you want to mix flavours, you can mix 2 together.

i don't add any sugar or anything.

my 7 month old really likes the following:

sweet potato thinned out with a little milk or formula

prunes with yogurt

zucchini thickened with cereal (rice, barley or oat)

plums with yogurt or thickened with cereal

peas thickened with cereal

anyway, if you have anymore questions, I'd be happy to help. i am a trained chef so i figured i better make his food! seriously, it is very easy.


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I have twin girls that hate veggies and only love fruit, they are 8.5 months old. I did make food at home for the first while but found it time consuming, so I opted for jared food. They will not eat anything besides fruit so I now have to make veggies again I find they like it fresh better. Sometimes I add say sweet potatoes with apple sauce, the other day I minced chicken up and added it with yams and peaches, sounds yuck but they ate it I was amazed. If your daughter likes all kinds of food you have alot of options. I got a baby making cook book its great like pured yams, sweetpotatoes. zuccinni, peas, cauliflower, egg yolks, apples, pears, etc. I just introduced them to all flavours and from there started to make meals after I knew their bodies could take the changes in diet. To store frozen I put into ice cube trays, which is nice but also a pain in the ass, some baby stores have trays that look like a pill box made for home made baby food. I hope I helped if not sorry but I hope you get some good ideas, I know cooking for my husband and I is hard enough let alone finding ideas for a little one.lol good luck.

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Well, the easiest is bananas. You put one in a bowl and mush it up until it's smooth. Easy as pie.

Applesauce is a little trickier, but still simple. Get a steamer. It doesn't have to be a big one, or anything. Take an apple and remove the peel and the core, steam until mushy, squish it up and serve. Same thing for most of the veggies, but you can't do beets homemade. There's a chemical in them that babies can't handle and you can't get it out at home.

Meat is a bit more work. You have to have a food processor in you need to puree it. Cut is up very small and steam it again. When you puree it, you can add some of the steamed veggies or some broth to make it smooth. Try to take it easy on the salt, but I'm afraid you can't do spices.

Otherwise, it's really simple stuff and your kid will LOVE it!

PS: No honey! Not until the baby is at least 1. You can use corn syrup to sweeten, though.

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oh and I would defo buy a hand blender, only a cheapy will do but it makes life so much easier, you can do easy veg soups. Don't forget babies know no different than what you are feeding them so you don't need to be all fancy and chef like!

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Oh, those onion choppers (I think Vadalia Onion Chopper is what it's called) work EXCELLENT for cutting up veggies/meat/etc to bite size pieces.

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get a food processor machine, those kitchen helpers that chop up food to smooth paste. thats the first step =) then you can google babyfood recipies, make sure you look at "what age" the recipie is set at. good luck! i have plenty of friends that have done it and they not only enjoy it, but think it is cheaper.

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