I want to put my 4 yr old in modeling. Do you think it's a good or bad ting to do?


Sara - posted on 02/21/2010




probably a bad thing... unless you want your daughter to be critical of her body and grow up with cookie cutter expectations of what is beautiful


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Christina - posted on 02/01/2011




I agree withe some previous posts ... If it is something she wants to do and has fun doing it , I dont see a problem with it but sometimes moms get carryed away and it becomes less about the child and more about themselves and wanting their child to win ..... Some children develop self esteem issues and some dont depending on the parents ability to keep it fun and always focus on their needs and wants .

Angie - posted on 02/21/2010




If she's into it, go for it, just don't push her to do something she doesn't want to.

Sharon - posted on 02/21/2010




I think you should do it. RESPONSIBLY.

how many people cajol and beg and bribe their kids to be perfect for family pictures?

Chances are she won't be asked to pose more than a handful of times in a year IF she gets noticed at all.

Responsibly also means NATURAL - no more make up than what is needed to even out skin tones, no false hair, unless she chops hers before a shoot, no fake teeth, etc.

NO sex. Not sexualised in any way.

Munira - posted on 02/21/2010




try it first, then ask her if she wants to do it again. it is good for building confidence, but can have a negative effect if you're making her do it.

Joann - posted on 02/21/2010




I used to model when I was in my 20's and when I had my first son, I tried entering him in pagents and modeling. I seen he was not interested in it, so I stopped entering him in any future ones. You see these parents, who are pushing their children to do pagents and the kids are not interested in it. Try it out, if your child is uncomfortable with modeling, then stop it, but if he or she seems to enjoy it, then continue. There is always the possibility of your child modeling when he or she is older. Its up to you and your child.

[deleted account]

I think it's okay as long as if she wants to quit then she gets to quit, a lot of mothers go crazy about the modeling thing. I don't think tanning sprays, lots of makeup, and shaving the legs are appropiate this early and Ive seen where many mothers do it. Kids are already cute, they don't need to be smothered up with makeup and "orange" tans to make them look cute. I have entered my son into contests like GAP, and Babies R US modeling but would never let them altar his looks, and I wouldn't push him into it if he didn't like it because I don't want to hurt him ever. If you do it tastefully, and let the child stop if they don't like it... then I see nothing wrong with it.

Lucy - posted on 02/21/2010




Although I can see that the opportunity to build a financial nest egg for your little girl is tempting, I would say no.

My own three year old daughter is very pretty, confident and LOVES to pose in front of a camera, and lots of people have said we should get her into modelling. But my feeling is that there is a vast difference between doing something as a hobby, for your own enjoyment, and performing a paid role as part of a professional industry. Having to "perform" to order, wait around on set, work with impatient professionals, cope with rejection at castings and fit in to the schedule of an industry that is not built around the needs of children is a big ask for a little one.

My other main thought on the subject is that I would rather my daughter's self esteem be built upon praise for accomplishments, talents and achievements (in her case the fact that she is a fab dancer, often gets stickers for kindness at play school and is already a real book worm) than simply the fact that she is pretty. I think that placing her in an environment where the focus is on her looks alone would be unhealthy.

Lisa - posted on 02/21/2010




i think if the child is seriously interested and enjoys it then it is acceptable. if its your desire for he/she to be a model and this child doesnt really understand... i would have to disapprove.

Helen - posted on 02/21/2010




It can be a good thing to do if you don't take it to a level that the child begins to hate it. After all he/she is just four, and should be able to enjoy the life of a four yr old and not thought of as a working adult.

Sheree - posted on 02/21/2010




I think unless she has asked to do it, then dont do it. She needs to make her own choice about what she wasnt to do in life, not have someone else make them for her, and lets face it, the modelling industry isnt the best to get into.

Charley - posted on 02/21/2010




If your child feels comfortable in front of a camera and enjoys it then I would say go for it! But also think about yourself, whether you have enough time and energy for the commitments. It is a fabulous thing to get your child into tho, but also brace yourself for rejection as rthey can be critical. Just take everything with a pinch of salt! Maybe book a photo shoot in a local studio with a photographer and see how well your child takes it.

Kerri-Ann - posted on 02/21/2010




what type of modelling? why do you want to and does your daughter? and what benefits do you think it has to offer her? modelling a young child is not a yes or no, i think its circumstance dependant, and important to remember they are children and still deserve the time to just be a child.

Marisa - posted on 02/21/2010




I was a child model at the age of 3 and I actually hated it because it was something I was pushed into doing. The atmosphere was pretty awful, photographers made no exceptions for young kids and they were pretty mean. But that was my own experience and your daughter could absolutely love it.

But I agree with Emily, does she want to do it or do you?

Emily - posted on 02/21/2010




Depends... is it something SHE wants to do, or something you just want her to do?

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