i want to teach abcs to my 2.5 years old girl.but she dont takes interest in abc.what should i do?



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I found the ABC's all listed out on ONE big page. Turning pages distracts my son. I take his little finger and I start with a. I sing the ABC's. When I get to the end of the song, I sing "now I know my abc's..next time won't you sing with me" When I start to sing won't you sing with me...I tickle him. Anytime you do something fun like tickle...the kid keeps coming back for more. Do it again! Do it again! He is so excited to get that tickle at the end of the song, he will lift MY finger back to the A and start trying to sing. Make a game of it...anyway you can.

When You are walking into Kmart...point out the K. "Lookie JC! there's another K! Just like in our song!" I trace the K on the door. Trace the M on Mcdonald's door. Point out the D on the dentist's office door. Use his finger to trace the F on the newspaper in front of you. Wherever, whenever. I mold playdough into the letters of his name...He plays with crayons and washable markers every day...I trace letters with him holding the crayons. I love the dollar stores for ABC coloring books.

Basically, lots of play time and sneak in a little learning when they don't realize they are getting it.

Of course this is ALL backed up with a TON of reading. Every book I can get my hands on. Even if they are too old for him, if he sees me reading the fine print on some order form, he will climb up for reading time. I read it aloud to him. "no order processed without payment. All payments must be received by June 15. All disputes must be reported to our billing department. Please call, 18005555555." I read any dang thing he will hold still for.

And POINT at each word you read.

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Children learn through play so make a game of every thing. Sing to her play with snap cards and jigsaws with the alphabet on. Do not get to tied up with the teaching she will get this at preschool and if she knows everything already she will be very bored.

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