I want to work from home but there are sooo many scams....any suggestions

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Tonia - posted on 11/20/2009




I started my own business from home. I am a licensed photographer (no degree, I had training though)! That is my thing though... Just find your nitch I see on Craigslist all the time different self started or on the side business' suggestions:
House Cleaner
Cook (like saying you could work for $20 an hour at peoples events they want to do)
Party Planner
Cleaning Yards
Handy Person
Graphic Designer
Website Maker
You get the idea the list is really endless...

-Self Employment can be an upside when having children you make your schedule as little or as much as you want to work. If you have something going on you don't have to work!
-You create your pay (to some degree don't just expect to make a bundle right away)!
(Keep in mind though that you need to price according to the industry and your area... RESEARCH it, don't just say Oh I wanna make this much a day, and work 1 hour, it is not that easy! You must price accordingly to get customers).
-You have the potential to make a very good income based on your talents/skills/work ethics and your customer service skills. all you need is to build a reputation of selling quality/value/experience etc...
-It is good for the self esteem at times. it feels good to have people appreciate and compansate you for your work.
-Plus a lot more!

Down sides...
-If you want to run a legitimate business where you can have people make checks payable to your business (it is better than telling people just right a personal check to me, it comes off way more professional)... Than you have to incorporporate yourself... I just did one of the online sites (be sure its legit). I signed up for them to register me to the state I live in... Which means SALES TAX (if it applies to your state), but all you do is set the percent away each time you make a sale than when its due you have it right there! anyways it costs like $300 bucks to incorporate...
PLEASE NOTE... Once your incorporated you will receive tons of credit card offers for your business. I urge do not accept! It is tempting... But if you accept and rack them up with the intention of paying with profits not made yet you will be putting your financial security in jeopardy as well as bankrupting your business before it even starts! I cut them all up!
-You have to put money out to make $... For me that meant the camera and equipment! I started with the essentials, I would buy props and such when I seen great deals thru thrift stores. The trick is working with your budget... Get the essentials first than just but the rest when you can! I STRONGLY WOULD URGE ANYONE NOT TO TAKE LOANS OUT TO START A BUSINESS... The whole purpose is to make $, right!
-Research, Research, Research, what ever service or product your selling you must research other business, what are the postitives and what are the negatives? THIS IS VERY TIME CONSUMING! But it is well worth while!
-Advertising... You will have many offers on different methods of advertising. I have done Newspaper, Website, Flyers, etc... Guess what I am doing now that is FREE craigs list! I advertise in my local cities for free on craigslist, than I refer people to my my Free facebook Business page to see samples! All FREE and the most effective believe it or not!
-Ya think cuz ya work for home there is not that much involved... Well yes and NO! I do have the opportunity to design my own schedule, which allows me free time with the kids overall. But there is alot involved... Call Backs, Scheduling, Evaluating Products, in my case alot of editing! ETC... You get my point I aint just eating Bon Bons and than just snap a few pictures when ever it works there is more involved!
-Self Esteem, I listed it under positive but it can be negative too... The thing is when you do such a thing no matter what it is you decide to specialize in. You will have your critics. Because you don't have a 9-5 job people write it off and can suggest at times your job is easy or you don't even have one! YOU HAVE TO IGNORE OTHERS! I did not even tell people at first when I very first started for that reason I just went and put my name out there to a few people and built up my portfolio. Which meant working for free or cheap just to have samples. once I felt I had enough of a portfolio I than designed all my formats, pricing, hours, etc... Even now when I have jobs people still question when I am going to get a real job! Let it roll off your back! If people say those things to you, it is in spite!
-No one is there to keep you motivated... It can be hard sometimes! You just have to keep trying!
-In my case I have had extended family/friends all try and get a deal! Family and friends are good places to start to build a portfolio. I have had to recently put my foot down... Just a sample No I can't do my cousins girlfriends brother in-laws pic for free!
Some people seriously try and for crazy deals! Ya know it depends who it is... My mom and best friend will have free pics for life.... But should my 3rd cousin? I have worked in a trade though like I got a brand new queen bed in exchange for portraits. It is all about finding an even trade or $!
-If you are registered legally you must report this at income tax time! I have been able to not pay anything in the last few years because I all my profit went right back into my business to build it up. So it was deemed as a loss which helped me and my husband with our tax return! Keep all receipts for anything you buy for your busines. Keep all receipts for anything you sell! You need documentation of all your income and all your loss!
-1 more thing Benifits when you work for yourself specifiacilly starting it is important to consider there is no health or retirement! If your serious about making your living off of your own business... These are important things to consider!

So I hope I was helpful to you or anyone else curious about where you start on making money for yourself!

I have to note that it is now starting to be profitable for our family but wasn't intially!
Also I would not have survived without my husbands income! He has supported our household with his day job while I pursue this! So you need money that you can count on to pay your bills! If you don't have that back up than I suggest doing your day job and working to get your dreams off the ground by night!

Remember you can do anything you set your mind to it is just in wise $ decsions and the work/talent you put in! I started with nothing to go off other than wanting to work at home like yourself and knowing I could take pictures. the rest I learned by asking others in the industry, research, and trial and error!


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