I want twins so bad

Cassandra - posted on 08/09/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




how have twins naturally had anyone taken folic acid to become pregnant with twins and was it successful.


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Gena - posted on 08/10/2014




Like Guest said,Folic acid wont help you to concieve twins. You should take it befor trying to concieve because its good for the baby.

Guest - posted on 08/09/2014




There is nothing you can do to have twins naturally. You should start taking folic acid when you begin trying to conceive, but that is just for a healthy baby, it will not cause twins.
The only way to increase your odds of having twins would be through an IVF process where you have two or more fertilized eggs implanted, but even that is not 100% because both of the eggs may not plant themselves in the uterus lining. In fact, it is actually pretty rare for more than one egg to plant even when 3 or 4 are implanted...it does happen, but not as often as we seem to think it does.

That said, it really is better not to have twins. Twins come with a naturally higher risk for both mom and babies during pregnancy, twins are almost always born prematurely and require several weeks to months in NICU which can be very expensive. Due to their early birth, even if they are only a week or two early and can go home quickly, they often have trouble with latching on for feedings. Twins are more likely to have both mental and physical disabilities, and are often delayed developmentally in both areas even if they do not have disabilities.

Twins are wonderful and the twins in our family are very happy and healthy, but as the parent, you have to understand that they come with A LOT of extra risks and responsibilities that don't come with single child pregnancies. Why voluntarily put your babies in additional, unnecessary risk?

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