I was almost 3 months pregnant when i found out. At that time the biological father i was no longer dating. i went to see him and told him that i was pregnant. He was not ready to have a child and told me i have to have an abortion. I went home thinking about it and told him that i am going to keep the child. After that he did what anything to do with me. I then started dating a guy from work since i was 4 and a half to 5 months pregnant. Now we are getting married and my son will be turning 2 years old this year. My soon to be husband was there even before he was born... The question is should i tell my son,when and how do i do this. If you have any advise form me please let me know.


Holly - posted on 02/05/2013




yes, be truthful, let him know that he is lucky because this man wants to be his father and loves him even though they don't share the same blood. his real father wasn't ready for a child then, so this man came in and decided he wanted to be your daddy because you are THAT special. give him the option of looking for his dad when he is older, so that he can have closure... he doesn't have to be a father figure to him, maybe, depending on how old he is when he decides to look for him, he can be just a friend to him. or if he is still just a peice of crap he can just walk away. but your son should be told the truth and you should have open communication about it.

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