I was told abut 3 yrs ago that I would not be able to conceive kids naturally and that IVF is my only option. When my doctor first gave me this news I was heartbroken and cried for about 5minutes. Yes ONLY 5minutes. My friend had driven me to my appointment and when I walked out of his off she promptly asked me if I was ok because of the look on my face and tears in my eyes and I then explained to her the news. When we got to the car something overcame me and a feeling of relief and joy overwhelmed me as God spoke to me telling me. From his level of expertise you can not get pregnant naturally but I AM that I AM. He quickly brought back to my remembrance of something I said and that was I did not want to have any kid until I am found by my husband. He also spoke to me that there is nothing too hard for HIM TO DO. I was engage and my fiancé at the time wanted us to get pregnant so I actually thought about having the procedure done (IVF). I am 40 yrs old although I look as though I am in my late 20s. I have not gotten pregnant yet and my fiancé is in ex now. I say all of this to say this. The doctors are doing their job and I appreciate them all because when God steps in it is a reminder of HIS works. God will give us the desires of our hearts if we seek him diligently. Even if you don't conceive naturally that may very well mean that he has another child somewhere that is just for you. Remember He gets the glory for it all. I am patiently waiting for what he has for me. BE ENCOURAGED!!! AGAPE!!!


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