I was wondering if someone can give advice. I found out recently that 20 yrs ago when I had my daughter through c-section, my doctor sewed my uterus to my abdominal muscles. My husband and I have been trying for yrs to have more children and I always thought I was infertile. Its been very heartbreaking always hoping and wanting with no results. And my current gyno did a laparoscopy to see if maybe it was because of fybroids and found that my uterus was attached to my abdominal muscles. That was the problem all these yrs! My husband and I have been trying for 14 yrs, he has no children of his own. I'm so angry and upset that this mistake was made. I always wanted more children. This doctor fixed the problem but now I'm 44 and wondering if I should even try anymore at my age. I feel cheated. :(


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~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/24/2011




I am so sorry for your situation. How sad. I do not know what you are going through, but I know you must be devastated. I am sure that you know all about the concerns and medical issues that may go along with having a baby over 40, but if you and your husband are prepared to endure any issues, go for it.

Preezka - posted on 06/23/2011




Sorry to hear that Ginger : ( I know how it feels to want kids and can't. Altho' my situation is not the same as yours but the feeling that I've lost precious time is similar. My eldest child is now 17. I had her when I was 24. My 2nd came when I was 41. Praise God she is normal. Now I am expecting another one and am due end of this year. I had problems conceiving and when I did, I faced complications ie miscarriage, ectopic, stillborn. This is my 7th pregnancy. I always asked myself why I am blessed with kids so much later in life and the answer that kept coming to me is, that everything that happens, happens in God's time : ) He knows when we are ready or not to handle more? or whatever is the reason... we trust He has His good reasons : ) as for conceiving at such a late stage, of course there are risks but when He gives, He will provide the strength and see us through it all : ) get medical opinion, getting a helpful and understanding gynae would really be a comfort to see you thru the pregnancy, all the best : )

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