I went to the docter on Monday for a new prescription of my pill and came back with a positive pregnancy test. If I take the date of my last withdrawal bleed then I am 4-5weeks. If I take from when a few signs and symptoms appeared then I must take the dates from the May and then i would be 8-9weeks. I put the signs of going to the toilet down to a UTI and the one painful breast to a potential problem not thinking I could be pregnant. I was not on antibiotics or had gastro and no I didnt miss a pill. Now that I am over the initial shock i am excited but still very confused.


Tina - posted on 07/18/2012




Even though they generally go by your period it's possible you're futher along. I knew I was pregnant in the first week wasn't due for a period yet. No birth control is full proof. I didn't realise with my second until a little later. I shouldn't noticed all the signs but being busy with a baby and what ever took me a little longer to twig. Congratulations

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