I went to the doctor and they are moving my due date, AGAIN! It was going to be December 1 then the baby heart rate hasn't been doing so well so then they change it to November 13 but now the baby still doesn't look good so its November 4! Oh my god just get it out of me! I been so nervous bc for one i have to get a C-section, 2 the baby heart beat when low due to my fault bc i been stress out, 3 i am having this baby at 8 months! Ugh now i am on bed rest until Wens.! Is there anything you can do to get your baby heart rate and good rate? Or is there anything i should try to do. Its been a rough pregnancy!


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Have you been taught stress relieving breathing exercises? It basically works like meditation. Grab some calming music (I find instrumental works best). You focus on the music and take a deep breath in slowly through your nose, hold it 1-2 seconds, then release slowly through your mouth. Repeat this 3 times. Wait a minute, then do it again.

I'll be honest, at this point, it most likely wont prevent your child from being born early.

C-sections can be scary. I freaked out with my first, and had to be put out. With my second, I used the technique I described above. I made sure that all of the staff knew that I had previously had a panic attack on the OR table and that I had an anxiety disorder. They did a great job distracting me after my son was born as well.

Edited to add: I also didn't feel anything at all while they were cutting, I did feel pressure as they were pushing him out, but that was from where the doctor was pushing, not from the incision.

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