I will be travel in February I wanted ton know should I noticed the other party since I will not travel with the kids however I have share legal and physical custody of the children. I want to know what matter I should be taking. to avoid problem.


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Amy - posted on 11/14/2013




Are you leaving the country or just traveling? I always let my ex know when I'm traveling with the kids just as a courtesy. I am also going to FL in Feb and because I'm pulling my son out of school I sent texts to my ex asking him if he was ok with it because I wanted written proof that he was ok with it just in case he changed his mind. I also sent him the flight itineraries once the flight was booked as a courtesy.

Michelle - posted on 11/14/2013




It doesn't hurt to let your ex know that you will be away. If it's not your time with the children then it's not a problem but just be courteous in case you need to be contacted.

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