I will start a new conversation but it will pertain to mom's who have children in jail

Judy M - posted on 07/18/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




To come across circle of mom's is a answer to my prayer, Even though I know there is other mom's out there in a similar situation you feel so alone, it would be great to talk to other mother's face to face but sense that is not possible right now just to be able to say what you feel and what you are going through and knowingly there are other mom's who can relate to your situation makes a whole lot of difference especially to hear a response, it of course will not take away all the pain but it does help knowing other mom's understand and feel the same pain you do.I do have friend's who know I have a son who is incarcerated and we talk and they are there for me but they don't know really what I am feeling and what I am experiencing they never had a child in jail so when I found circle of mom's I didn't feel so different or a outcast any more, my friend's of course don't make me feel that in any way I just felt shame and guilt maybe they thought I didn't raise my son right but I know I raised him to the best of my knowledge and I gave him all that he could want and needed, he had a chance at every opportunity that came his way to make something of his life he knew right from wrong and he,not me made the wrong choice it wasn't a mistake we have choice's in life and unfortunately he made a bad one I stopped blaming my self for what he has done he is my son but he is not a child, he's 34 but it still hurt's and it will, until he get's out until then I will support him write,visit and put money in his account that is one thing I will never stop doing, that is all he has to look forward to until the day he is release and until then when I cannot sleep or wake up during the night I will go on the computer,turn it on sit down and share with other mom's what I'm feeling and because of circle of mom's know some one is listening..

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