i work 85 to 90 hrs. every 2 weeks and my husband stays at home....he cooks, cleans, takes care of our 13 and 16 girls...he needs to do something to help him overcome how he feels about me working and him not working....he has always worked and he feels like he is a less of a man if he doesnt have a job....HELP ME HELP HIM PLZ..


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/10/2014




I would say that maybe it's time for him to develp a service that is needed in your area.

Is he not working because of disability, or is it because he cannot find a job? Mine's been the SAH parent for 10 years now, due to disability, and had the same problem: "men should be the breadwinner". We started a sharpening business that mainly gets business in the summer. He goes to the local outdoor markets, sharpens things, earns some money so that he doesn't feel "useless", and it keeps him active and socially involved.

Niki - posted on 06/10/2014




Can you work a few less hours every week and he can mow lawns or do odd jobs for people? Even just a few hours a week of him working elsewhere may do the trick. He does a difficult job already; especially taking care of teenage girls while you're at your job. While they are in school he can see if there is custodial or maintenance work needed at the school or for the city. When school is out for the summer he should be able to leave the girls at home, unless they have special needs, for a couple of hours a day while he helps neighbors or works somewhere else. Does he have any sports he likes? Going golfing, fishing, or to a baseball game even just once a week might be all he needs. I'm sure if he just found a hobby or made a small change to his weekly routine he will feel better about the job he already does. Good luck to you both.

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