I would appreciate any tips on potty training a girl, that work


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Stina - posted on 06/25/2009




I too read the training in one day book. My daughter faught it with a vevgence. She couldnt stand the practice runs after an accident. So... I waited till after her lil sis was born. Yesterday was Day one- I introduced with enthusiasm the potty timer that tells her when it's time to potty and when it's time to get off. This was the key for her. She doesn't want to go if we tell her or ask her to... but when the timer goes off, I exclaim- "Oh there's the potty timer! The potty timer says it's time to go potty lets go!" We also said an enthusiastic bye bye to diapers and I hid them in my closet. On day 1, she resisted about every other time, but I would tell her again that the timer says its time to sit on the potty, lets go now- and take her hand- she would come pretty easily to the bathroom. Then, I'd set the timer for a few minutes- increasing to 4-5 minutes. When she didn't want to stay, I did put her back on repeatedly and show her the timer "you have ___ minutes left. Stay there till you hear the beeping" And of course, if she peed before the time was up, she could get off.

I have her in cotton training pants without the plastic cover so when she had an accident yesterday, it went all down her leg. I had her sit briefly on the pot after the accident, but basically only long enough to clean her up- she took her wet pants off and put them in the wet pail (we've been cloth diapering) I reminded her to go on the toilet when she needs to pee.

Through the whole thing, I've been praise praise praiseing everything good- and when she has success, she gets a sticker.

We'll be useing what we did with her brother as incentive to stay dry all day- Each entirely dry day, she'll get to unwrap a present before bed. The presents pertain to her new skill- big girl panties, pretty princess sheets to encourage her not to pee in her bed. We haven't had a completely dry day yet, but it's also only day 2 and she's doing really well.

It definitely helps to wait till they are ready- she was dry through naptimes, and occasionally wanting to sit on the toilet herself... she was also becomeing very bossy about diaper changes. My final straw was when she told me exactly how to clean and care for her bottom. I had been thinking she would train herself- but it wasn't happening and I knew she was ready and able. Good luck.

Nina - posted on 06/25/2009




Make it know to her that you have to go and allow her to come with you everytime. Its kinda like eating healthy if you do it they will follow. Good luck

Louwisa - posted on 06/25/2009




My daughter started potty training at around 1 1/2 years old. We bought a little potty chair. When I (or her big sister) would go potty, we would take her with us and let her sit down. We never let her "play" with the new potty. She was curious about it, so she would always sit. The few times she actually peed in it, we would be all excited and praise her and give her a sticker. She quickly learned what it meant to pee-pee in the potty. Eventually started saying "potty" when se needed to go. We kept her in diapers until she was more consistant in going. By the time she was 2, she was wearing panties and no accidents. She is almost 3 now. I just can't seem to get her trained for night time. She still wears a diaper to bed. We tried without it, but we washing sheets EVERY day. I'm okay with it for now, since she goes during the day. Hope this helps.

Valerie - posted on 06/25/2009




My daughter used to just love her books, So I would keep some of her books in the bathroom, and at first she would just sit on the potty with her books and I would read them to her and than one day she actually went, and she would always go into the bathroom and sit and read her books and that is what actually worked for her!! Try putting something in the bathroom that she loves. also be consistent ,that is key, don't put her in panties one day and pullups the next(it will only confuse her).I even used to let her wear her panties(never a pullup) when we would go to the store, I would just make sure she went potty before we left. Just always bring a change of clothes and panties(Just in case). My daugter actually only trained in a week(letting her wear her panties all the time made her feel like such a big girl). As a reward I took her to the store and let her pick out more panties and she just loved it!! Good Luck!! I am actually training my son right now and the funny thing is is that none of this worked for my son!!LOL!!

Amber - posted on 06/25/2009




What seemed to work for me was setting a timer... like on the microwave or something... so that every hour (subject to change) or so the alarm would go off and then it would be "Potty Time!" It became exciting for my daughter and gave her a sense of independance, because when she heard the sound she ended up just going by herself instead of me constantly hounding her all the time. ("Do you have to go potty?" or "I think you should go pee now.") She's almost 4 now and has great daytime potty habits... but I can't seem to figure out how to night train her????!!!

Katie - posted on 06/25/2009




i am just about to start potty training baby # 4 (a boy) and have had pretty good success so far with my other kids. we never used pull-ups during the days just right to undies. we picked a date and that is when a week from hell began. i shouldn't make it sound so bad, but you truly will spend at least a week cleaning up pee and doing laundry. i had a stock pile of fresh undies and pants ready off we went reminding and encouraging all along the way. i would remind them not to pee in their undies like every 15 or 20 minutes and put them on the potty about every hour or so. obviously in the first few day they simply don't know that they need to go, but plenty of wet streams down their legs or lots of praise (or rewards) when they do make it sinks in pretty fast. they usually just about had it by the end of the week, but still couldn't hold it for very long (my 3 year old still can't). so make sure they go before you leave the house and sometimes when you get there too. it took a couple of month before they could hold it throught the night (we did use pull-ups then), but before you know it there will be many a dry night. just remember accidents happen and patience is key. good luck!

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I read a book which helped called potty training in one day( it took more time than that of course) Anyway, you take a doll that can pee and ask your daughter to help her change the diaper and tell her you think its time for the doll to learn how to go to the potty. step 1. have the doll sit on the toilet and release the pee (water) without your daughter seeing your finger over the hole of the doll. 2. You praise the doll with your daughter and then say oh the doll wants you to get her treat for potty time. (give her a treat/sticker) 3. then ask your daughter if she would like to try to potty like her baby doll. ( it usually works) then give her praises and treats/stickers. Then make a game of it. Every 30 minutes to an hour ask her if the baby needs to potty. then ask your daughter to use the potty it helps her understand the need to go. keep doing this until your daughter starts to tell you she needs to go. It worked for us and my daughter was trained at the age of two. I hope this is helpful also let me know if you have any other questions. ( I was also a preschool teacher with my students being the age of two and many were trained by their parents with the same concept.)

Holly - posted on 06/25/2009




one thing that u have to always remember that she is a girl too cut drinks at night and always take her to the bathroom when you go that will show her how a big girl goes

always show her that u want her to be a big girl like mommy she will get it and even when u have other weman around that are willing to help let ur daughter go to the bathroom with them to even put her on the toilet every time she will catch on

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