i would like full custody of my son...

Kyra - posted on 01/30/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




me and my sons dad were never together really when i was pregnant, right up to this day, and at the end of 2013 he left the army and in my eyes he ran away from his duty as a dad back up to black pool, and i live by southampton, yes he does give me money towards my son,but only what he says is enough. but when i tell him something he dont like, like what to do with lil man and that no he cant do this and that like enroll him up in blackpool in a school, as his son lives down with me, he gets verbally abusive to me tell me im gunna die alone and that he will not help me any more and msking me feel down all the time, i let him see his son when ever he like aslong as it dont mess with my son nursery times. im always having to replace stuff of my sons coz my ex cant look after them, so then my son goes with out till i do..... im also scared he is going to run away with him as he lives so far away now. also there are things that has happened to me because of my ex be for i ever fell pregnant, and for him to let that happen to me in frount of him self also worrys me about my sons safty.... i want to get full custody of him but dont no if i will..... thanks kyra...


Jodi - posted on 01/30/2014




I doubt you will get full custody without his father having some form of visitation. This idea of you "letting" him see his son is not your right. He IS the child's father, so he has some rights to have a relationship with him. In fact, your son also has the right to a relationship with his father without you dictating what that should look like - that's why we have judges make these decisions when parents can't agree. You need to file for custody order, and also file for child support (that way there is no argument over whether he is paying enough or not).

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