I would like to give my daughter a special wedding gift just from me. Do you have any suggestions?

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I'm the mother of three daughters. I am in my 50's. My oldest daughter will wed in the fall. My mother gave me a special piece of lingerie as a wedding gift. I want something to give my 3 daughters. I am surviving Multiple Myeloma cancer, post transplant since the fall '03. Each day is precious. I'm open for all/any suggestions for a gift.


Kim - posted on 04/26/2009




Hi Pam. My oldest daughter got married March 2008. I went shopping with her for her dress (all over the world) and i paid for her dress. I think it would be wonderful to secretly start a journal of everything (good & bad) leading up to the wedding (with pictures) and give the journal to her the night before. Memories are so valuable.

Anne - posted on 04/26/2009




A scrapbook of her life. From birth to present... then leave empty pages at the end with a piece of paper tagged on it saying.. Wedding, Honeymoon, then one saying Birth of first child. This is a celebration of her past, present, future. She will cherish it because you made it or put it together. But also you are acknowledging her future highlights to come. I guerantee she will cry, and it will be her favorite gift compared to the towels, silverware, china sheets, money. This is something money cannot buy!

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Wouldn't this be a great chance to pass down a special piece of jewelry, or a family heirloom. My mother gave me my deceased grandmother's pearls on my wedding day. It was a real tear jerking moment.

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If you are a family of faith,a Bible engraved with her married name would be very special.

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Maureen - posted on 04/26/2009




oh love the idea of the photo montage and the family jewellery thing ,the wedding dress is nice also but thats only a one time thing , if could afford it why not a girls spa weekened away just you and your girls or if your inclined you 3 could all get a small tatoo that syboliizes your family ; as for the present you could do jewellery for all three when they get married from you and they be able to hand them down their families too.

Heather - posted on 04/26/2009




for my brother's wedding, my mom and the bride's mom got together photos from each of their lives to chronicle each of them growing up. They sent the pictures away to a company that scanned them onto fabric and made them into a picture quilt, with a picture of the 2 of them for the center square

Krisanne - posted on 04/26/2009




hi pam i think the best thing to give your daughter is a silver album of photos with special comments underneath from the day she was born until now memories is the most valuable gift you can buy and you would always sharish. This would mean alot to her also you can dedicate a special song about mothers to daughters so evertime they listern to that song they will always remember that that was mummy's song.Also you could give her something that your mum passed to you that you could give to her being her the elderest.Well whatever you give her i think she will like it GOOD LUCK

Maricel - posted on 04/26/2009




Hello Pam, well if your daughter hasn't gotten her wedding dress yet I thought it was a really special thing to be able to go dress shopping with my mom and just her and she ended up getting me the dress of my dreams :)

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