I would like to know pedisure is good for baby

Nayab - posted on 09/29/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My two years old baby.she is very week in weight.she won't eat any thing.is pediasure is good for her.


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Dove - posted on 09/29/2014




It can be if she is under a doctor's care and it was recommended, but like Evelyn said it's really not a good idea to just give it to her on your own.

Does she really eat NOTHING? Or does it just seem like it? Is she sick (or has she been recently)? Is she keeping hydrated? Is she losing weight? Is she lethargic? Or is she thriving and active and just not at an 'ideal' weight?

Ev - posted on 09/29/2014




She needs to be under a doc's care and he should be working out something with you for her diet or sending her to a dietian. Deciding yourself to give her something to help her gain weight and so on is not a good idea. Pedisure is only used for those that actually have a problem with eating or need the extra calories and such. I have seen and known kids that were on this stuff and would not touch their food at all until they had the Pedisure. Once they drank it, they refused food. I have also known kids who drank it but ate. If you just give her pedisure, she is not going to want to eat regular foods. You need to take her to the doctor and get her dianosed first.

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