I would like to start cursing/swearing openly.

Anna - posted on 12/07/2015 ( 11 moms have responded )




I must first say, that I am a 12 year old female. Now, before I get comments saying that cursing is "Unintelligent, Moronic, Sinful, Etc." Allow me to explain a few things. I am not requesting to use the F or S word, or any offensive slurs. Humans are naturally wired to release there anger, and people whom curse regularly when angered are proven to be filled with less stress. Due to my high intelligence I am prone to addictive habits, and I believe that I would rather curse frequently than become addicted to drugs. I believe that you can still sound intelligent whilst cursing/swearing. I wish to ask my mother about this. She swears when she's angry, and in the past when I've let a curse word slip out she's only laughed and thought it was absolutely hilarious. I curse at school, and at my friend's houses. I just wish to be allowed to curse freely at home, instead of bottling it up. How may I approach my mother to request these privileges?


Sarah - posted on 12/09/2015




BTW Anna, where did you get your information that:
A. Humans are naturally wired to release there anger, and people whom curse regularly when angered are proven to be filled with less stress.

B. Due to my high intelligence I am prone to addictive habits, and I believe that I would rather curse frequently than become addicted to drugs.

I'd love to see the research that supports these statements.

MaryAnn - posted on 12/08/2015




Im not going to address the intelligence/drugs thing. It is absolutely absurd. In posting on a mom site, particularly using words and wording you are clearly uncomfortable with... At twelve years old... I'm going to take a guess that this has something to do with image, personal identity and rebellion.
The reason cursing is so satisfying, if you've been reading studies, I am sure you know, is because it is socially unacceptable- a taboo.
You are twelve. TWELVE. If this is where you are going to start, you wont have many taboos left for when you are older! You want to project an image of yourself that is badass- excuse the swear- and smart, and knowing of the world. However. How you will be seen is as a disrespectful brat.
Might I suggest eating your pizza crust first? Developing a taste for club soda? Wearing your shoes on the wrong feet and insisting it is the thing that all the cool kids are doing?
Just be a kid. You don't need to be a grown up yet. Being a grown up sucks. You have to work all day and pay an ever-growing stack of bills.

Jodi - posted on 12/08/2015




LMAO - if you don't curse regularly you may become addicted to drugs. Allow me to enlighten you sweetheart. The teens I know that are addicted to drugs are also the ones who curse regularly. The ones who are polite and respectful in their behaviour and manage to find other ways to release their anger (intelligent, respectful ways) are the ones who generally succeed in life.....so tell me again how cursing is such a positive? And please, next time you make some moronic statement like that, back it up with scientific evidence.......

What you are requesting here is permission to be disrespectful.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 12/08/2015




Let me put it this way: Would you like to be treated as an adult, and with respect? If so, having a mouth like a truck driver ain't gonna make it happen.

You can express frustration quite well without EVER uttering an expletive, as well, so your "well reasoned" argument is pretty much null.

If you were my kid, I'd laugh. HARD. If you are THAT intelligent, then you are PERFECTLY capable of finding another way to express your frustrations. But, hey, you want to sound like a truck driver or drunken sailor? Great. More power to ya. Personally, I think that young people who cannot find a better way to express themselves are lazy.

Raye - posted on 12/08/2015




You do sound intelligent *for your age* (except for your use of "there" instead of "their"), and you are correct that some studies have shown that saying cuss words (instead of replacement words like "fudge" and "darn") have shown to release more stress. Now, if you smash your thumb and say "shit" or something, that's one thing. But in intelligent conversation, cuss words have no place. You are trying to connect completely unrelated things, just to get your way... that allowing cursing would be more likely to keep you off drugs and that your intelligence makes you more prone to addictive habits... it's absurd.

I was also very mature for my age when I was young. But due to my intelligence, I never wanted to be out of control of myself. I never did drugs, and didn't drink very often (still don't), because I saw how stupid my friends looked and acted when they did that stuff, and I didn't want to look that stupid or let some substance change my behaviors. Yes, there are some intelligent people that get seduced by drugs as an escape from the stress of their responsibilities, but addiction is not a sign of intelligence. Truly intelligent people would shun destructive/addictive behaviors as they are not beneficial to personal, social, or financial well-being.

While I do swear on occasion, I don't swear in front of my kids. I'm 40 years old, and still don't swear in front of my mother. Not one single person ever sounds intelligent while swearing. In fact, when I am in an argument with someone and they start swearing, their entire viewpoint (no matter how persuasive up until that point) loses all credibility due to them using cuss words. It completely invalidates their whole argument because cuss words are unnecessary to get your point across and are disrespectful.


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Smithgram56 - posted on 12/09/2015




Don't curse honey it's very unbecoming yes on tv and movies they can make it funny but in real life cursing is a weak mind trying to express itself forcibly and a soft answer always turns away anger! Good luck!

Raye - posted on 12/09/2015




Why do you think you have so much stress (at 12 years old)? Maybe you need to learn how to work through or let go of things that cause you to be angry, rather than cursing.

Sarah - posted on 12/08/2015




This is a an interesting post. What was your goal in initiating the post in the first place? My mother was not a fan of profanity; rather shed's say, "find something more creative to say, cursing shows a lack of intelligence and creativity". So my sisters and I became quite creative in what we would say when "feeling the need" to curse.
Trust me, I am a school nurse, more of my students who are addicted or drug abusers curse much more than my NHS students. Why is this even an issue?
Your statement:
" Humans are naturally wired to release there anger, and people whom curse regularly when angered are proven to be filled with less stress"
Well does this apply to all languages? Just English speaking people? You can express your anger and frustration without having to use common curse words. Choose/create a few of your own.

Michelle - posted on 12/08/2015




I'm with the other ladies. Most of the idiots I come across are the ones that swear all the time. I get cursed out all the time from idiots that think it's their right to steal. They get annoyed with me when I stop them and curse at me. They are usually high as well so your reasoning isn't founded at all.
Thanks for giving me a laugh though.

Dove - posted on 12/08/2015




I had an IQ of 133 when I was 11 years old... never felt the desire to curse to relieve anger. That's ridiculous. Oh... and I've never had the desire to do drugs either. Saying that because of your high intelligence you think you will turn to drugs if you don't curse is... absurd. Maybe focus your intelligence on learning to control your addictive behaviors in a more constructive manner.

Ev - posted on 12/07/2015




Cursing is not an intelligent way to express ones self. When I as 12, if I even uttered a word of cursing in the house, I would get into trouble. It is also not respectful to others in hearing distance either.

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