I would love to hear other mums stories about premature babies as i have done some reasearch and most stories seem worse than mine and i worried im missing something. i gave birth to twin girls at 29 weeks gst. and they are doing so well within the first week they had their CPAP removed they are now only 3 weeks old so 32 weeks gst and are only have air in their hummidi cribs they are feeding well im just scared as most stories i have read at this premmi havent been so lucky i would love to hear stories from other mums who have experienced simular to myself please


Tina - posted on 08/19/2012




Sounds as though your children are doing well and progressing well. I know of many premmies who although had a rough start are doing perfectly fine now. My cousin born atleast 9 weeks early. It wasn't a nice site with the tubes and everything. But he is a tall healthy boy now and very smart. I was a premmi myself. I had a bit of asthma while I was young but I'm pretty good now. I also lived around smokers so that doesn't help. If you babies are feeding well and everything try not to worry too much. Sounds like they're in good hands. :)

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