I wrote you a long story this morning about losing my children.. WELL>>>

Tracy DeAnna - posted on 02/04/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




I just happened upon you blog about Children calling your mother in law "Mama".. My mother in law INSISTED that from the moment my children were born, they were to call her "Mama Joan"!! I have spent a life of emotional torment and self-loathing for not fighting but I couldn't fight.. i was defeated before I began.. I have truned to God and He has given me the strength to pursue this.. My children HAVE to know that they were brainwashed by a psycho woman..


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Andrea - posted on 02/05/2014




I read your post and I am sorry that your mother in law and husband would be so low and sneaky.. It is just rude to see that people can be that mean and disrespectful..

With that being said I agree, with the mama thing... NO one is MAMA but me... They did not give birth to them nor did that go through the ups and downs I faced having my kids...

I became a MAMA at 21 with a now 6 year old boy born 37 weeks 6lbs spent 4 days in the NICU because of feeding, temperature issues and bilirubin being at 21.5... He is now a happy healthy little boy.. I am proud to be is mom..
At 22 I gave birth to my little and only princess who will be 5 next month.. She was born at 36 weeks at 3lbs 8oz with a birth defect called Gastroschisis { all of her insides where outside her body through a hole the size of a quarter } She spent 8 days waiting for surgery, was on a vent for 12 days, started feeding through a tube at 3 weeks and then a bottle at 4 weeks, at 5 weeks she had a spinal tap done, one blood transfusion, and many bathroom issues. Then at 7 weeks old she got to come home with Myself, Her Daddy and big brother { who was only 18 months old when she came home}
Last year at the Age of 26 I gave birth to my last little guy, I was blessed for him to be born at 38 weeks at 5lb 13.5oz with no NICU stay however it was short lived, He was 3 weeks old and back in the hospital do to RSV.. We spent last year from Feb. 9th to Feb. 14th in the Hospital with him on oxygen..
NOW with a little back ground on what my kids and I have been through I will be DAMNED if my mom or mother in law, Would ever get to be called MAMA... These I have no problem with NANA, GRAMMY, GRANDMA, GRAMMS, ..
So to Tracy I get it 100% and I am sorry you had to go through this... God bless, Take care and Best wishes to you and yours..

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/05/2014




Tracy, I'd rather not FUCK YOU thank you very much, as I'm a heterosexual woman in a very strong 25 year marriage.

Please point out exactly where I violated THUMPS

Threaten? Nope, didn't. ;-)

Hate speech? No slurs, no demeaning comments, just observations. 'Mama' IS considered an acceptable term.

Unlawful Use? Not unlawful to post a response on an international public forum.

Misrepresentation? it's not like I claimed to be a child specialist, or a psychologist, or even a counselor, I never once said I'm anything other than a contributor to the forum.

Personal attack? Sorry, honey, but it's not an attack to post an opposing opinion.

Spam? Again, just because you may not agree doesn't make it spam.

And, further more, I didn't respond to your other post, because, as I see it, it's a very bitter woman who's kicking herself in the ass for not making different choices 20+ years ago. That is something that only you, God, and your counselor can fix. This? This obsession with what the grandmother in the situation prefers to be called? something to be put away and gotten over. If she was insisting that the (adult) grandkids call her MOTHER, there'd be an issue there, but 'mama' is an acceptable grandma term, as is mamma, oma, gramma, granny, gran, gram...

Gena - posted on 02/05/2014




Tracy..your god must be veeery proud of you to tell some one F!!!k you!What a Hypocrite you are!!
Grow up and learn some RESPECT woman!

Tracy DeAnna - posted on 02/05/2014




I open up to someone after 20 years and this is what I get? RESPECT not THUMPS? This is a THUMP if I've ever heard one..

This woman masterminded taking my children away from me after 10 yeas of marriage!! Evidently you didn't read the previous story as I asked you to.. And what about the blog where the other Mother was concerned because of the confusion it caused to her children on who was the MAMA.. She got support and justification..

And Thank you for making me turn back to God for answers because they sure aren't here on Earth!! And don't EVER belittle My God .. The lesson I learned here is this world does not have the answer.. You are a SICK excuse for a counselor.. I hope no one else's weak and fragile spirit lays in YOUR hands.. You would lead someone to suicide!!


♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/04/2014




What on God's green earth is wrong with calling their grandmother 'mama Joan'? Good grief, it's not as if she insisted they call her MOTHER, now is it?

FYI...'mama' is one of those 'acceptable' subs for Grandma...

If you've truly turned to God, then surely He has pointed out that continued debasement of yourself is NOT turning around and moving forward.

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