Iam pregnant and he just left me

Viktorija - posted on 06/18/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello, first of all iam sorry for my mistakes, iam not English. iam from Lithuania. I need advice, please help. I came to work more then 3 years ago, I met a guy from Romania in my farm, we get in love. in our relationship always was argue and really ugly argue, but on the end of the day we still was happy, we was trying for baby after one year, my heart feel that he is the one. But God didnt gave for us the baby. less then one year ago, I finde out that he is speaking with another girl. We argue a lot our relationship was rubish, but I didnt want go from him because I so loved him, but like pay back to him and I started to speak, but he finde out, and antil now he think that I slept with him, but is not true, I never cheted on him. But after our big big argue, we again fall in love, we didnt fight, we had amazing sex, I I got pregnant, first month he sed that is not him baby, but after he started enjoy pregnancy, we didnt argue, he always was near me when I felt bed, but again something went wrong, after he change job, maybe new girls and again he is not happy with me. Just last sunday we went to scan and sed to us that we will have a little princess, he was happy, but just 6 hours again he got crazy, he sed very ugly words, he started again speak with girl, and when I write to her , he hited me, he broken phone, iam 5 month pregnant, and he sed that I will pay very strong that I came In his life, he geting money and he is moving. I dont know what to do. Were to go. I dont have nobody here, just him I had. I dont make good money in work that I. can rent. alone a flat,ii still mus to go in work, make money for my little girl. its just very hard, I si love him, and I need him, and he just walk away from me. my all family is in my country, I dont want go back, I dont want that them know. I just need a dvice what to do for me. I cant stop cry, I know that I hurt my baby. But is very painful.....;(;(;( please help

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